What is DirectPay for CWRU AMEX T&E Cardholders?

DirectPay is an automated function of the CWRU Peoplesoft Travel and Expense Module that transmits approved reimbursements for American Express Travel and Expense cardholders directly for payment to American Express. Once a report is reviewed and approved by the Accounts Payable Pre-pay Auditor in Peoplesoft, the expense payment will be transmitted via ACH (EFT) to American Express and credited to the appropriate cardholder account. Beginning October 15, correctly designated and approved T&E expense reports will no longer be deposited to the employee's bank account, but instead sent directly to American Express for expenses incurred after October 15, 2014.

PeopleSoft Travel and Expense Module: "My Wallet"

My Wallet can be used to more quickly enter expenses into a PeopleSoft Travel and Expense report. AMEX T&E Card expenses are transmitted automatically to each cardholder's My Wallet area within the Peoplesoft T&E Module. Expenses from My Wallet can then be selected to automatically populate expenses line in an actual expense report.

By checking each of the select boxes on the far left...

...AMEX T&E Card expenses populate a report's expense lines without manual entry

Completing a Travel and Expense Report for a T&E Card Reimbursement 

When entering a reimbursement report for business expenses including a CWRU American Express T&E card, verify that the "PAYMENT TYPE" for each expense line from your T&E card is is set to "T&E Card (CWRU)." This insures the reimbursement is sent to American Express. Using the My Wallet function will automatically set the payment Type to T&E Card (CWRU).

If "PERSONAL OUT OF POCKET" is selected, the reimbursement will be sent to your HCM-designated personal bank account of record. Be sure that no T&E Card expenses are set to "Personal Out of Pocket Expense." You will then be responsible for paying American Express yourself together with any associated late fees.

A complete guide to creating an expense report in the Travel and Expense Module

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a T&E cardholder pay AMEX themselves?

No. The proper audit practice is to use the Direct Pay functionality of the Travel and Expense Module (as well as the MyWallet function) so payment flows directly to AMEX. This supports the reconciliation of the university's AMEX master account.

What happens if a cardholder pays his/her T&E charges directly to AMEX before completing an expense report?

Be sure to then designate the payment type as "Personal Out of Pocket" (not T&E Card) when completing the expense report. AMEX will get double payment and the cardholder will go without reimbursement. This should be done to correct an inadvertent entry error, not as standard practice.

Are personal expenses permitted on the CWRU T&E Card?

No. Only approved university business expenses can be charged. Cardholders are responsible to American Express for payment of any out-of-policy expenses. Violation may result in suspension and/or termination of the T&E card by the Travel Manager.

Can I still claim meal allowances?

Yes. Just be sure PAYMENT TYPE is marked as "personal out-of-pocket" and not "T&E Card" to direct the allowances to your personal bank account. Otherwise, these will be paid to AMEX!

Can I mix out of pocket business travel expenses with T&E Card expenses on the same PeopleSoft Expense report?

Yes, as long as they are distinctly labeled in the T&E Module report. Personal out of pocket expenses labeled correctly will be transferred via ACH to the employees' bank account of record, while those labeled as T&E expenses will be paid directly to American Express.