Travel and Expense Card Program

The CWRU Travel & Expense Card, from American Express, simplifies travel reimbursement.

Why Should I Consider the T&E Card?

  • no adverse credit score impact for applicants
  • audit-ready airline receipt data and hotel folio information for major hotel chains
  • convenient and intuitive online statement and transaction interfaces
  • global emergency assistance services including hotel check-in, medical referrals, and lost baggage support
  • worldwide emergency card replacement
  • 24-hour worldwide phone support
  • $75 annual cardholder fee waived


Payment of the American Express T&E card occurs through CWRU PeopleSoft Financials Travel and Expense Module reports. Upon correct submission and approval, the report amounts will be transferred by Accounts Payable via ACH (electronic funds transfer) to American Express. 

  1. How to Enter a Travel and Expense Module Report
  2. American Express Direct Pay Explained


T&E cardholders must follow CWRU Travel Policy for reimbursement. The T&E cardholder agreement (contained on the application) lists additional responsibilities.

The American Express T&E card is a hybrid liability product for use with CWRU policy-approved business expenses. The cardholder is responsible for full and timely payment of all card expenses. The card cannot be used for equipment purchases or recurring, non-travel charges such as monthly cellphone bills. The cardholder agreement permits booking of airfare and lodging only for the cardholder. Additional information can be found in the T&E FAQs.

AMEX statement balances must be paid fully paid each month (brought to zero) through the Travel and Expense Module. See the application/cardmember agreement for more details.

The card is a privilege of employment at CWRU. Cards must be surrendered upon termination of employment.