George Vairaktarakis

Department of Operations
Weatherhead School of Management

When service and manufacturing firms subcontract part of their operations to a third-party, coordination of the chain of production is crucial. George Vairaktarakis, PhD, William E. Umstattd Professor of Industrial Economics, professor of operations, studies the behavior of these organizations and how an environment of competition or cooperation affects results. Vairaktarakis investigates setting “fair” payments as incentives for cooperation, smart competitive rules that satisfy the companies and promote common interests, the value of information exchange, and the magnitude of production savings due to coordination. His findings often reduce production costs by 30% while improving service.

Vairaktarakis’ research focuses on managing time/cost-sensitive projects, subcontracting and outsourcing, production chain coordination, distribution logistics, machine scheduling/flexible manufacturing, workforce planning, integer programming, network optimization, graph theory, complexity theory and game theory. His articles are published in top academic and practitioner journals including Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management and the Journal of Operations Management. He is currently Senior Editor for the POMS journal and Associate Editor for Naval Research Logistics. Vairaktarakis has developed project management courses at all levels at the WSOM and has trained individual clients and firms on modern project management methods including the Critical Chain Method. He has developed or co-developed all Lean and Service Operations courses offered at the Weathehead School of Management and has given lectures in universities around the country and is regularly invited as Visiting Scholar to Hong Kong Universities.

Vairaktarakis joined the Weatherhead faculty in 1997 and was tenured in 2004. He has developed and delivered courses to MBA and executive students at Weatherhead, Marquette University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Kasetsart University, Thailand, and the University of Athens. In 2013, Vairaktarakis received the Weatherhead Teaching Excellence Award. He is currently the Director of the Master of Science in Management - Operations Research and Supply Chain Management program.

Vairaktarakis received a BS in applied mathematics at the University of Patras, Greece, a MSc in applied mathematics at the University of South Carolina, a MSc in industrial engineering at the University of Florida where he also received a PhD in operations. He is currently Senior Editor for the Production & Operations Management journal in the area of Manufacturing, and Associate Editor for the journal Naval Research Logistics in the area of Project Management and Scheduling. In the past he has served at many editorial boards including IIE Transactions and the Journal of Scheduling.

Initially Appointed: 1997


University of Florida
University of Florida
Master of Arts
University of South Carolina
University of Patras

Teaching Information

Teaching Interests

  • Project Management
  • Service Operations
  • Operations Management
  • Lean Operations
  • International Operations Management
  • Operations Strategy
  • Management of Technology
  • Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Quality Management
  • Business Statistics

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Courses Taught

  • Lean Services Operations
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management

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Research Information

Research Interests

  • Project Management
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Subcontracting and Outsourcing
  • Production Chain Coordination
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Machine Scheduling/Flexible Manufacturing
  • Workforce Planning
  • Integer Programming
  • Network Optimization
  • Graph Theory
  • Complexity Theory
  • Game Theory

Awards and Honors

  • Umstattd Professorship
    Alcoa, Inc.
  • Teaching Excellence award
    Weatherhead School of Management

External Appointments

  • Committee Chair, Faculty Council, 2016 - 2019
  • Secretary, Appointments Committee, 2013 - 2019
  • Committee Chair, Academic Integrity Office, 2011 - 2014
  • Committee Member, Faculty Council, 2005 - 2008


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Residencies, Internships and Fellowships

Visiting Scholar
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chinese University of Hong Kong