Board of Directors Committees and Goals

Alumni Board Members

The Alumni Association Board of Directors
2024–2025 Committees and Goals


Communications and Development Committee

Chair: Carleen Bobrowski (MGT ’05)

Current Board Members: David Jargiello (WRC ’82) and Jennifer Mendelson (CWR ’98)

Emeriti Board Members: Nikki DiFilippo (MGT ’94), John Massie (CIT ’66), Adam Rupe (CWR ’08) and Rob Stalder (CWR ’94)

Executive Committee Liaison: Chris Partis (WRC ’83), board vice president

Staff Liaison: Sara Lyons, director of alumni engagement and board operations 

1. Connect with alumni volunteer groups throughout the university 
2. How to improve communication with current students and young alumni.

Engagement Committee

Chair: Carmina Mares (LAW ’01, MGT ’20) 

Current Board Members: Masayo Matsumura (MGT ’93) and Vin Tangpricha (CWR ’92) 

Emeriti Board Members: Mickey Hammad (NUR ’73), Ka-Pi Hoh (CIT ’84; GRS ’87, macromolecular science; GRS ’89, macromolecular science), Larry Rudawsky (LAW ’82), Steve Simmons (CIT ’79; GRS ’82, electrical engineering and applied physics; MGT ’86) Takeshi Tottori (GRS '82, metallurgy and material science) and James Treleaven (CIT ’69; GRS ’90, management) 

Alumni Members: Charlotte Gouveia Neto (MGT ’16), Jonathan Healy (CWR ’18, MGT ’18), Michael Lalich (CWR ’10), Amit Nihalani (WRC ’03), Paritosh J. Satia (MGT ’04), David Seed (MGT ’92), Christian Wargo (CWR ’13) and Alexandra Weber-Balzer (CWR ’00)

Executive Committee Liaison: Nancy Carlson (MGT ’93), board secretary

Staff Liaisons: Sara Lyons, director of alumni engagement and board operations and Elizabeth Miller, director of international alumni engagement 

1. Increase outreach and engagement with students and bridge silos (chapters, schools)
2. Increase engagement and leadership among board members 
3. Re-vitalize local and international chapters

Governance Committee

Chair: Michael Smith (CWR ’99, MED ’03) 

Emeriti Board Members: Aishwarya Arjunan (CWR ’10), Nancy Fink (WRC ’73), Paul Marcela (LAW ’81), Liz McFarlin-Marciak (CWR ’10) and Srinivas Rao (MGT ’99), immediate past president

Executive Committee Liaison: Dean Fazekas (SAS ’91), board president

Staff Liaison: Bradford Crews (MNO ’21), associate vice president, alumni relations

1. Nominate new board members (diversity is key goal)

Oral History Committee

Chair: David AG Johnson Jr. (WRC ’73)

Current Board Member: Julie Tsirambidis (NUR ’01)

Emeriti Board Members: Joy Shefter (FSM '66), James Treleaven (CIT ’69; GRS ’90, management)

Staff Liaison: Angela Carpenter, assistant director of reunion programs

1. Continue to capture and share the stories of alumni

Learn from members of the university community through the Alumni Stories: Our Enduring Past oral history project.

Recognition Committee

Chair: Gary Broadbent (LAW ’08, MGT ’10)

Current Board Members: Alex Kranz (CWR ’88), Vera Perkins-Hughes (WRC ’76), Christina Shen (NUR ’14) and Nick Zalany (CWR ’02)

Emeriti Board Members: Chris Hook (CWR ’03; GRS ’04, political science), David AG Johnson Jr. (WRC ’73), Jessica Malone (CWR ’10), 

Alumni Member: Janice Gerda (CWR ’89)

Executive Committee Liaison: Dean Fazekas (SAS ’91), board president

Staff Liaison: Katie O'Malley, director of events, programs and reunions

1. Focus on more widespread and intentional recruitment of nominees
2. Highlight the importance/significance of Alumni Association Awards

RISE (Race, Injustice & Social Equality) Committee

Chairs: Donte Gibbs (CWR ’10, SAS ’12)

Current Board Members: Marlon Cox (CWR ’07) and Jennifer Mendelson (CWR ’98)

Emeriti Board Members: Ka-Pi Hoh (CIT ’84; GRS ’87, macromolecular science; GRS ’89, macromolecular science), Arnold Huffman (CWR ’93), Steve Simmons (CIT ’79; GRS '82, electrical engineering and applied physics; MGT ’86) and Lloyd Weema (CWR ’02)

Staff Liaison: Malik Murray, assistant director of alumni engagement

1. Increase visibility and awareness of the University’s actions addressing justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion.
2. Create pathways for alumni engagement and support of University actions and driving these efforts into our local alumni chapters
3. Foster alumni action in the form of community involvement, student and alumni support (via resources, information, fellowship), and employment opportunities.

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