Every Gift Matters

Thank you for your interest in giving to Case Western Reserve University.

Every gift matters to our students, who benefit from expanded opportunities for scholarships and fellowships. Every gift inspires our faculty, who are recruited and recognized through professorships. Every gift improves the Case Western Reserve community, who rely on a healthy endowment to sustain and build the institution.

Every Gift Helps Our Rankings

Did you know? Every dollar makes a difference to the university's worthy causes and every donor makes a difference to CWRU’s national ranking.

The alumni participation rate reflects the percentage of alumni who make a financial contribution to their alma mater and is a key metric in determining the national rankings of a university and helps attract financial support from corporations and foundations.

The great news is that it is the number of donors that count, not the amount given. So every donation, no matter what amount, increases CWRU’s national ranking and the value of a CWRU degree, making our alumni more appealing to employers and graduate schools.

Donations support the university, our students and improve the value of your own degree. You truly can create change at CWRU!

Every Gift Can Reflect Your Passion

There are numerous ways to donate to Case Western Reserve University including outright gifts, annual fund gifts, planned gifts, etc.

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