About Us


The Flora Stone Mather Center is a community space and a social innovator empowering women and advancing gender equity through research-informed action.


A community space...

The Mather Center is a space to gather, build community, and raise consciousness. Center activities build community by working to foster critical consciousness, a deeper understanding of self, a broader perspective of others, an awareness of social issues, and a desire to advocate for change.

A social innovator...

The Mather Center supports the development of programs and initiatives in and outside the Center that are guided by the principle that higher education should ultimately serve the public good. This principle prompts us to ensure that initiatives we support are centered in the belief that universities and individuals work not only for individual advancement but larger social needs.

Empowering women and advancing gender equity...

The Mather Center works to advance women and gender equity through an intersectional feminist lens which maintains that: sex and gender inequities exist; these inequities are not inherent but socially constructed; these inequities can be eradicated through social change; and fighting to eliminate these inequities should occur while simultaneously dismantling other forms of oppression, including but not limited to: racism, classism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia and ableism. 

Research-informed action...

The Mather Center utilizes a critical constructivist research-informed action to avoid practices that reproduce inequalities and seeks out new ways of thinking about existing research which include the voices of marginalized knowledge communities. We maintain that knowledge is constructed through historical, cultural, political, economic, and social contexts and that research-informed action should be transformational, encourage mutual understanding, and inspire critical self-reflection.  

2020-2023 Strategic Plan

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