STEM Allyship Training Initiative

There are three key equity challenges that tend to appear in STEM fields in higher education:

  1. Women and faculty of color are underrepresented in STEM faculty applicant pools and hires.
  2. Women and faculty of color are not promoted to full professor or leadership positions at an equitable rate.
  3. Women and faculty of color experience implicit and explicit gender and racial biases, both individually and in their intersection.

These issues are often rooted in implicit and explicit gender biases, complicated further by biases affecting intersecting identities. By training key STEM faculty to be effective allies, we can build a culture that is not only aware of our biases, but actively works against them. In addition, STEM Allyship is a “train the trainer” program.

Faculty that are trained by the program go on to be trainers for other faculty, creating a system that is continually expanding and establishing a culture that is rooted in inclusion and equity.

BGSU STEM Allies lead the initial training for first cohort and select Mather Center staff.

  • Training includes the following:
    • A pre-workshop online module (2-3 hours)
    • A four-hour Allyship training

Faculty who complete the program and go on to be trainers for the program will receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • Research or professional development funds

For faculty that go on to train their fellow faculty, receive an additional stipend and additional training:

  • Examples of additional training:
    • Managing difficult conversations
    • How to lead a training
    • Taking allyship into the classroom
    • The pedagogy of teaching faculty

The fall 2023 cohort is now taking application and nominations.

Click here to access the online application form.

Please email for more information.