Gender Equity Training

Did you know that most Ivy League schools did not admit women until the 1960s and 1970s?
How has gender equity been influenced by the historical landscape of higher education? Join the Mather Center to learn more about how gender equity shapes the experiences of women-identified individuals and how they attain their education.

In this workshop we review the history of women in higher education, where we are now, how bias, stereotypes, and sexism influence violence in our community and how to combat microaggressions. Through a video case study we put your new skills to work in disrupting gender discrimination in our community.

Content Warning: This workshop focuses on gender equity in education and these conversations do include various topics that may be impactful to some participants. Topics include harassment, stalking, sexual harassment and/or abuse. We do review resources and support for anyone impacted by these topics, and we encourage you to be aware of your needs and space when attending this workshop. 

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