Violence Prevention Education

It's On CWRU

The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women provides violence prevention education programs to the CWRU community through a coordinated university effort called It’s On CWRU. 

It’s On CWRU’s mission is to disrupt the culture of violence through evidence-informed education, mutual aid, and survivor support. We achieve our mission by shifting dominant community attitudes about sexual violence and establishing personal responsibility to support a culture of healing.

Our prevention education work is focused on three key areas: bystander intervention, consent education, and survivor support.

Participants in education programs will be able to:

  • define key terms and identify the root causes of power- and gender-based violence;
  • debunk myths and de-stigmatize facts about sexual violence; 
  • identify resources for continued education and services that may assist survivors;
  • understand the role that all members of our community play in ending violence; and
  • implement strategies to intervene as a prosocial bystander.

Find out more about the It’s On CWRU initiative and how you can get involved at one of our campus-wide introductions throughout the spring semester:

Request a Prosocial Bystander Training

Disrupting the Culture of Violence: How to be a Prosocial Bystander is an evidence-informed bystander intervention program that uses community care as the foundation of intervention. It teaches how to identify potential violent incidents, individual responsibility to intervene, and how to do so safely and effectively in order to maintain a safe environment for all people.

Request a workshop. 

Review the PACCT Guidebook

The Prevention Advocacy Compliance Clery Team is committed to providing ongoing updates, resources and support to all CWRU community members impacted by sexual violence. The guidebook acts as a non-exhaustive overview of survivor support resources, violence prevention education and CWRU sexual harassment policy guidelines. It continues to be updated and expanded as we respond to the needs of our community. 

While this provides basic information regarding sexual violence prevention and response, readers are encouraged to seek out more in-depth explanations from the information sources provided throughout the guidebook.

Download the Guidebook.

Culture of Respect Collective

As part of CWRU's continued commitment to addressing campus sexual violence, we have joined the Culture of Respect Collective. The Collective is an ambitious two-year program that brings together institutions of higher education who are dedicated to ending campus sexual violence and guides them through a rigorous process of self-assessment and targeted organizational change.

The program is grounded in an expert-developed public health framework, cross campus collaboration, and peer-led learning to make meaningful programmatic and policy changes. As part of our participation, we will receive strategic support and technical assistance throughout the process, as well as detailed documentation of campus-initiated changes that support survivors, prevent sexual violence, and communicate that violence is unacceptable.

CWRU will be joining the 100+ other schools from around the country who participated in the first four cohorts as well as the multiple other institutions joining us in Cohort 5. We are thrilled to have the support of the leadership in Student Affairs, who are enthusiastic about the program’s potential to help CWRU better serve our students."

Get Involved

It's On CWRU

Pre-order your It’s On CWRU Toolkit for your student organization, residence hall, office, community space, or classroom.

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Attend a Prosocial Bystander campus-wide training

Dates for deliveries fall on the third Tuesday of each month, 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Attend a Sexual Assault Awareness Month event in April

Stay tuned for event announcements! 


Host a Mather Center workshop for your residence hall, student organization, campus department, or community group.

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