Exit Counseling and Repayment

Exit Counseling

Exit Counseling is required of any student, including U.S. military service members and their dependents, who have borrowed loans when they graduate, transfer, withdraw, or drop below half-time status and helps students to understand their rights and responsibilities regarding repayment. Future intentions are not considered in this requirement.

The U.S. Department of Education makes exit counseling available online for Federal Direct Loan borrowers at https://studentloans.gov. Notification of this requirement, and where to complete it, will also be sent to the student’s CWRU and personal email address on file by the Office of University Financial Aid.

If you are unable to complete this exit counseling online, a PDF version of the exit counseling can be downloaded and completed. You must then mail a copy of that completed information here:

Office of Financial Aid
Yost Hall Room 435
2049 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Cleveland, OH 44106-7049

Students, including U.S. military service members and their dependents, who borrow through the Federal Health Professions Student Loan, Federal Nursing Loan and CWRU Loan programs can expect to receive their exit counseling information from Student Financial Services. Failure to complete the Student Financial Services exit counseling will prevent the release of academic transcripts.


Federal Direct Loan repayment begins after the end of the student’s grace period. That timeframe starts when the student was last enrolled at least half-time. During the grace period students will be contacted by their loan servicer, the company the U.S. Department of Education will use to handle repayment related services. Students can verify their loan servicer, the amounts of any Federal Direct Loans, and receive additional information on their U.S. Department of Education funding by using their FSA ID to log into https://studentaid.gov/.

Students, including U.S. military service members and their dependents, preparing for repayment can estimate their repayment amounts using the U.S. Department of Education’s Student Loan Repayment Estimator. This estimator will provide the option to log in using the FSA ID and have any student loans associated with that ID automatically loaded into the estimator. Income-driven repayment plans are also included in this estimator and require that students include a few details of their situation.

For private loan repayment information, please refer to your lender. If you are unsure of your private loan amounts and/or lenders, you should be able to view that information from your credit report.