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Pathway 3: Achieve Social Impact

University Goal: Foster social good through robust engagement of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni with the local and global community.

3.1 CWRU Objective: External Partnerships. Engage in meaningful partnerships with an array of industry and nonprofit organizations to advance knowledge creation, from the local to the global.

KSL Initiatives:

3.1.1 Collaborate with the other campus libraries, and the Cleveland and East Cleveland Public Libraries to explore, develop and implement a strategic agenda of services and programs through which the libraries can achieve social impact in our local communities, potentially including: inclusion of the campus libraries  in the planning of CPL’s new MLK branch library in University Circle; expertise sharing, such as providing specialized academic library expertise and research assistance at and for the public libraries; programs to engage with public high schools in University Circle to improve student information literacy; coordination of and access to research content; coordination and sharing of public programs, events, and joint exhibits on topics of social importance; and exploration of collaborative funding opportunities for community grant or foundation applications.

3.2 CWRU Objective: Local Engagement.  Act locally for global impact by significantly improving the mental, physical, legal, environmental, and financial health of Cleveland and East Cleveland.

KSL Initiatives:

3.2.1 Develop enriched orientation, instructional, and personalized research support services to acclimate transfer students, especially those from local community colleges. 
3.2.2 Partner with local literacy non-profit organizations (e.g., Cleveland Kids Book Bank) and other educational organizations to expand the access to academic educational resources.   
3.2.3 Create an open access collection of CWRU scholarship about Cleveland, made publicly accessible through Digital Case, that provides access, in one place, to university-produced scholarship about Cleveland.

3.3 CWRU Objective: Experiential Learning.  Increase the number of opportunities for students to translate their knowledge into positive social impact across the world.

KSL Initiatives:

3.3.1 Incubate campus partnerships and citizen science in our community by establishing a knowledge base that will match citizens with citizen science opportunities.

3.4 CWRU Objective: Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Accelerate the adoption of a culture of translating ideas into innovation and engaging in entrepreneurial thinking, acting and doing. 

KSL Initiatives:

3.4.1 Provide an online guide to library and other information resources about innovation and entrepreneurship to support faculty, students, staff, and community members as they pursue their start-up idea.