Theme 1: Create an Environment of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Where Staff can Flourish

(Contributes to CWRU Pathway 4)

Our staff is our most important and unique resource. They facilitate operations and services, engage with patrons and colleagues, and provide a broad range of expertise. By providing our staff with opportunities for professional development and growth within a stimulating, inclusive, and appreciative environment, they can flourish. In doing so we can enhance our impact on the campus community.


  • Revise the librarian and library assistant series job families to adequately reflect the work of the staff, allow for growth, and increase flexibility.¬†
  • Create an organizational employee engagement framework.
  • Establish an internal organizational records management and communication strategy to increase transparency and access to information.
  • Implement the CWRU Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging recommendations to enhance the environment for staff and the community.
  • Establish a program to support staff development.