Pathway 1: Ignite Interdisciplinarity

University Goal: Become known across the world as a leader in interdisciplinary research and education [including interprofessionalism].

1.1 CWRU Objective: Research.  Significantly increase the amount of interdisciplinary research at CWRU.

KSL Initiatives:

1.1.1    Broaden CWRU's visibility and research impact by collaborating with campus partners to encourage the expansion of open knowledge through: open access policy advocacy; provision of open research expertise in open science, open research, and open data; and ingesting into Digital Case research materials generated by the CWRU community.

1.1.2    Provide learning opportunities for students to develop digital and information literacy and research methodology skills to prepare them to conduct effective independent research.
1.1.3    Expand the visibility outside the University of high impact of CWRU faculty and student research, including advocating for University adoption of CRISP (Case Research Information System Profiles) to foster potential research collaborations.

1.1.4     Evaluate and report the result of meaningful metrics of the research impact of monographs and social media in the humanities and social sciences.

1.1.5    Work with campus partners to create and manage effective research data management services, platforms, and storage that comply with grant and foundation funding requirements.  

1.1.6    Secure adequate and sustainable University funding for purchased digital and print content, and to ensure effective stewardship of those funds.

1.2 CWRU Objective: Education.  Drive development of creative new interdisciplinary curricula and pedagogical approaches in graduate and undergraduate education and degree programs.

KSL Initiative:

1.2.1    Seek opportunities to integrate KSL fully into University curriculum planning to expand the availability, discoverability, and application of interdisciplinary library resources and expertise.

1.3 CWRU Objective: Infrastructure. Invest in spaces (e.g., laboratories, classrooms, libraries) as hubs that will advance interdisciplinary research and learning.

KSL Initiatives:

1.3.1    Transform KSL to be the CWRU interdisciplinary agora as a physical space, as a center of interdisciplinary expertise and content, and as a resource that connects faculty and student researchers and teaching partners to engage in interdisciplinary projects and programs, with KSL becoming the campus storytellers about the success of our researchers.

1.3.2    Increase campus awareness and advocate for the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and provide a rich resource guide about available OERs for classroom use.