Visitor Access Privileges

Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) welcomes individuals who have personal research needs and offers the collections for browsing, reading and scanning. Acceptable Use policy applies to all visitors. Not all KSL resources are available for visitor use.

Library Building Access

KSL is open to community visitors during designated hours throughout the week. See the KSL Hours page or call the KSL Service Center at 216.368.3506 for current visitor access hours. Please note that library hours may be reduced during holidays and academic break periods. In accordance with KSL’s ID Policy, all visitors must present a valid photo ID at the door in order to enter the building.

Note: University policy requires that individuals 16 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the library. Unaccompanied minors needing assistance with government information or government publications should contact a Research Services Librarian or staff at the Service Center desk prior to visiting the library.

Computer Access

There are four designated computers available for visitor access at KSL. Visitors are allowed 2 hours of computer use per day and have the option to extend their time for an additional 2 hours. To login to a computer or extend their time, visitors will need to visit the KSL Service Center and present their photo ID. Visitor computers shut down 30 minutes prior to the end of visitor access hours for the day. Login access ends 60 minutes prior to the end of visitor access hours for the day.

General Library Privileges

  • Computers in the Library are for educational research purposes and library resources are not to be used for commercial endeavors. Electronic content licenses are for personal educational use only.

  • Remote access to electronic content is currently restricted to CWRU faculty, students, and staff. Visitors may use designated visitor computers at CWRU libraries to view electronic content.

  • wepa Print Network is the printing option at KSL. Printing payment may be made at the wepa kiosk with credit/debit card (with service fee), or a reusable $5 wepa card (pre-loaded with $5 in printing credit) may be purchased with cash only.

  • Visitors may use library materials within the library - though some in-house resources carry restrictions.

  • Free scanning to email or USB drive is also available.

Visitor Borrowing

Visitors with a valid library card from OhioLINK and SearchOhio institutions (including Cuyahoga County Public Library) may borrow books from Kelvin Smith Library.  Please see the borrowing policies webpage.