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Digital Scholarship


The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship 

We are a team of scholars and librarians that partner with others at CWRU and the surrounding community to integrate digital scholarship into research and teaching in new and innovative ways. Digital scholarship is the application of digital tools and methods to explore data in new ways and advance the creation and communication of scholarship.  We pride ourselves on bringing our expertise and technology together to work with others in interdisciplinary, collaborative, and experimental ways.


We provide:

  • Support for publishing and sharing open access research
    • Digital Case is an online archive of the CWRU community that provides open access to scholarly output and creative work of CWRU faculty, staff, and students. It includes a collection of unique materials digitized from the University Archives and Special Collections holdings.
    • OSF (Open Science Framework) is a open source data storage and project collaboration platform that is available to host and share data, papers, and files with the academic community.
  • Customized project consultations to faculty and students interested in embarking on digital scholarship projects (contact us at
  • Educational opportunities in the use of digital scholarship-related tools and pedagogy through our workshops and classes
  • Support of faculty and researchers through the Freedman Fellows Program
  • Support of students through the Freedman Fellows Student Program
  • Hosted events such as colloquia, instruction sessions, and workshops that equip researchers with knowledge of trends in the area of technology and scholarly research.
  • Assistance with GIS and statistical analysis programs
  • Access to multimedia and digitization hardware and software.



We drive cutting-edge scholarship by developing creative solutions, building community, and promoting equitable access to research and knowledge.


We aspire to be recognized as the leading partnership-driven destination for creativity, discovery, and experimental scholarship.

Our Team Values


  • We value history and how it informs scientific research.
  • We value education as lifelong learners who push technical boundaries and explore interdisciplinary concepts.
  • We value education as an ongoing process of exchange between learners and educators.
  • We value the transformative nature of new media and its impact on research.
  • We value digital literacy, using technology to strengthen the clarity of information.


  • We value people first—how people create information, how people access information, and how individuals and communities are differently affected by the dissemination of information.
  • We value Open Access as a human and civil right.
  • We understand the impact that our scholarly work may have on our local communities in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio and our global communities, academic and nonacademic.
  • We value dialogue with and inclusion of our incredibly diverse user community, which includes people from myriad racial and ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, gender and sexual identities, religious affiliations, ages, and disability status.


  • We value and support an ethical approach to research that balances advancing human knowledge with rights  to privacy.
  • We value scientific and humanistic inquiry and using digital scholarship to explore problems and investigate solutions.
  • We value the need for context especially when addressing uncomfortable and/or controversial research. 
  • We value equitable recognition for contributions, labor, and participation regardless of standing.


    Contact Us

    The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship Team welcomes your questions and input. You may e-mail us at or give us a call at (216) 368-0932.