The Kelvin Smith Library's Special Collections Research Center is the repository for the archives and papers of institutions and individuals representing such diverse subject areas as literary manuscripts, the history of science & technology, the history of Cleveland Public Housing and fine and performing arts.

Available here are finding aids describing many of the collections in our repository.  Collections lacking active links to finding aids are currently in process but are accessible using in-house finding aids.  Please contact Special Collections for additional information about these collections.

The Charles Greeley Abbot Papers (1918-1920)

Papers of Charles G. Abbot (1872-1973) American astronomer and director of the Smithsonian Institution Astrophysical Laboratory, related to his work in developing a gyroscopic apparatus (or early inertial navigation instrument) with General Electric Co. in World War I.

The Donald J. Angus Papers (1903-1966)

Papers of Donald J. Angus, a self-made engineer-inventor documenting his 47 patents on electrical and mechanical devices and The Esterline-Angus Company, which he founded with, partner John W. Esterline.

The Louis S. Auchincloss Papers (circa 1970-1972)

Literary manuscript, in four drafts, of the 1972 novel I Come As A Thief by prolific American-born author Louis S. Auchincloss.

The Babcock and Wilcox Collection (1903-1904)

Collection of 22 photographs of the Babcox and Wilcox manufacturing facility in Renfrew, Scotland.

The David R. Bender Papers (1956-2001)

Papers of Dr. David R. Bender (1942-    ), Executive Director of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) from 1979 until his retirement in 2001.

Ernest J. Bohn Housing and Planning Library

Ernest J. Bohn was a pioneer--locally, nationally, and internationally--in the field of public housing. His career spanned from the 1920s until his retirement in 1968.  The library consists of the Papers of Ernest J. Bohn, a collection of WPA paintings, drawings and posters, the research collection of The Karal Anne Marling Papers, as well as printed materials and reports documenting the many housing and planning organizations in which Bohn was involved.  An extensive photograph collection documents the development of public housing complexes for the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Association from the early 1930's through the 1960's.

The Benjamin Parsons Bourland Rowfantia Collection (1909-1936)

This collection, gift of the estate of Western Reserve University Professor of Romance Languages Benjamin P. Bourland (1870-1943), consists primarily of printed announcements for Rowfant Club exhibitions, lectures, auctions and meetings from 1909 to 1936.

The Charles F. Brush, Sr. Papers (1842-1967)

Papers of Charles F. Brush, Sr. (1849-1929), Ohio-born inventor and pioneer in the field of electric lighting, Brush is regarded as the inventor of the arc lighting system. The collection documents the professional and personal life of this well known Clevelander.

In 2008-2009 the Charles F. Brush, Sr. Papers were digitized in their entirety with funding from Brush Engineered Material, Inc. The finding aid was revised to include information acquired in the creation of the metadata for that project. There is an EAD version available in the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository with links to the digital image (PDF) of the contents of each folder. Links to digital content are also found in the online exhibit for this collection.

The William D. Buckingham Papers (1921-1968)

Papers of William D. Buckingham, (1902-1965), documenting his long career as an electrical engineer for Western Union Telegraph Company, including his inventions of a concentrated arc-lamp and sensors used in nuclear bomb systems.

The Cleveland Rocket Society Collection (1929-1965)

The Cleveland Rocket Society Collection consists mainly of records of the organization, which existed between 1933-1938, and the research materials of John Tascher, who wrote a history of the Society in 1964.

The Fred H. Colvin Papers (1882-1965)

Papers of the mechanical engineer and author Fred H. Colvin (1867-1965) documenting his many instructional and historical publications about the machine tool industry from 1883 until his death in 1965.

The Hugh S. Cooper Papers (1926-1970)

Papers of Hugh S. Cooper (1886-1971) well known for his work in the fields of chemistry, electrochemistry, and metallurgy which consist primarily of laboratory records and patents, and a small number of his personal papers.

The Hart Crane Collection (1899-1985)

The Hart Crane Collection is a unique assembly of material relating to the life and work of Harold Hart Crane (1899-1932) contributed to by a number of donors whose interest in Crane range from scholarly biographical research to collections of artwork created by his contemporaries.

The Benedict Crowell Papers (1917-1920)

Papers of Benedict Crowell (1869-1952) Cleveland, Ohio businessman, civic leader, Brigadier General, U.S. Army and Assistant Secretary of War and Director of Munitions during the First World War consisting mainly of weekly statistical reports of the War Department, some correspondence, departmental bulletins, and reports on various topics related to the army and the war effort.

The Allston Dana Papers (1913-1960)

Papers of Allston Dana (1884-1952) consist of working papers regarding Dana's contributions to the design of the third lock of the Panama Canal and his contributions to the design or study of the Delaware Bridge, the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the Triborough Bridge complex.  The collection includes blueprints, drawings, reports, photographs, and correspondence.

The Fritz Sage Darrow Papers (1897-1919)

Papers of Fritz Sage Darrow (1882-1929) consisting of his research material on the life of Francis Mecurius van Helmont (1614-1698), a 17th-century alchemist, cabbalist and physician, and personal papers primarily regarding Darrow’s study of Theosophy.

The Marcel Dick Papers (1921-2006)

Papers of Marcel Dick (1898-1991) documenting his career as a composer and music educator consist of original manuscripts, published scores, working papers, and correspondence.

The William Clarence Ebaugh Papers (1889-1945)

Papers of William Clarence Ebaugh (1877-1948) Chemist and Denison University professor primarily regarding his work in the field of chemistry from his student days through his business and academic careers.

The Donald J. Erb Papers (1950-2001)

Papers of  Donald J. Erb (1927-2008) documenting his career as a composer and music educator consist of original manuscripts, published scores, and correspondence.

The James W. Flanagan Papers (1978-2007)

The papers of James W. Flanagan (1935- ), Paul J. Hallinan Professor of Catholic Studies, Emeritus at Case Western Reserve University consist of the record of his work on the Tel Nimrin excavation in Jordan, the Etana Project and the Virtual Tel Nimrin web site.

The S. Colum Gilfillan Papers (1915-1978)

Papers of S. Colum Gilfillan (1899-?) sociologist and author regarding his research on the history of the invention process and patents.

The Park Dixon Goist Papers (1928-1981)

The papers of Park Dixon Goist (1936- ) CWRU professor emeritus consist of correspondence between Goist and Lewis Mumford along with reprints and clippings of works by both men.

The Maurice Goldman Papers (1933-1993)

The papers of Maurice Goldman (1910-1984) consist of original music compositions and arrangements, annotated commercial scores, clippings, programs, announcements, recordings and photographs which document his career as a choral conductor, composer, opera director, music educator, performer and radio commentator in Cleveland, Ohio, and Los Angeles, California.

The Norman P. Goss Papers (1923-1975)

The papers of Norman P. Goss (1906-1977) consist of the record of original research done by Goss that led to patents for new processes in the manufacturing of silicon steel and continuous castings in the metals field.

The Clifford M. Holland Papers (1893-1924)

The papers of Clifford M. Holland (1883-1924) consist mainly of material documenting his career as a tunnel engineer, specifically regarding the construction of tunnels, tunnel linings, shields, design, stress analysis, contracts and bids for work on the Rapid Transit Commission tunnels under the East River in New York City, New York between the years 1901-1924.

The Kathryn Karipides Papers (1969-2000)

The papers of Kathryn Karipides (1934- ) Samuel B. and Virginia C. Knight Professor Emerita of Humanities at CWRU consist mainly of material documenting her work with the Dance Theatre of Kathryn Karipides and Henry Kurth, the Department of Theatre, Drama and Dance at CWRU and the Food for Thought dance initiative.

The Kelvin Smith Library Manuscript Collection (1573-1995)

This collection is comprised of those single manuscript items which together form an artificial or special collection.  Items included in this collection are from these former collections: History of Science Manuscript Collection; Miscellaneous Letter and Manuscript Collection; Astronomy Letter Collection; and Catalogued Manuscripts from the Libraries of Western Reserve University. This collection also contains manuscript items which were removed from books, donated as gifts, and accumulated over the years in the various libraries on the CWRU campus and subsequently deposited in the Department of Special Collections.

The Jared Potter Kirtland Collection (1814-1956)

The Jared Potter Kirtland Collection, mainly manuscript works by Kirtland (1814-1956) that have been gathered into an artificial collection from the holdings of the old Western Reserve College library and other Case Western Reserve University libraries.

The Karal Ann Marling Papers (1935-1975)

The papers of Karal Ann Marling (1943-    ) former assistant professor of Art History at CWRU consist of the material gathered by Marling and her students in preparation for the 1974 exhibit "Federal Art in Cleveland: 1933-1943," an exhibition of over 500 of these locally produced murals, easel paintings, graphics, sculpture, and photographs held at the Cleveland Public Library, and the exhibit catalog written by Dr. Marling.

The Mechanical Rubber Company Collection (1930)

One volume of photographs documenting the activities of the Cleveland Laboratory of the Mechanical Rubber Company in 1930.

The NASA Collection (1953-1969)

This collection consists of NASA press releases, reports, conference proceedings, indexes, committee and subcommittee reports, flight charts, and photographs from 1953-1969.

The Charles Baldwin Sawyer Papers (1913-1970)

The papers of Charles Baldwin Sawyer (1895-1964) Cleveland, Ohio scientist and businessman consist of business records related to the operation of Brush Laboratories Company, Brush Development Company, Brush Beryllium Company, and Clevite Corporation, all companies associated with Sawyer. The collection also includes personal papers related to Sawyer’s home, family, travels, career, and relationship with the family of Charles F. Brush, Sr.

The Science Fiction Fanzine Collection (1941-1984)

This collection consists primarily of selected issues of Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA) and Spectator Amateur Press Society (SAPS) publications collected by Charles Wells.

The Thomas P. Slavin Collection of Political Activist Publications (1961-1967)

This collection consists of American political activist publications, primarily from student organizations in the early 1960's. The collection also includes some accompanying correspondence.

The Warner and Swasey Collection (1880-1967)

Contained in this collection are personal papers of both Worcester Warner (1846-1929) and Ambrose Swasey (1846-1937), and the records of Warner and Swasey Company (circa 1880-1981) The collection documents the personal lives and interests of Warner and Swasey as well as the machine tool and scientific apparatus work for which the Warner and Swasey Company was known, including records of the several telescopes and astronomical observatories designed and built by the firm.