FC Research Floor

Self-service stations and equipment in the Freedman Center
Naomi Langer, Digitization Lab Manager
Research workstations at the Freedman Center
Research workstations at the Freedman Center

The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship features multiple workstations available to CWRU students, staff, and faculty. These workstations have dedicated functions ranging from scanning and A/V editing to high-powered research software like GIS and 3D modeling.

A full list of available software is viewable at researchguides.case.edu/FCsoftware

Multimedia and Digitization

Workstations at the FC are available for creating, processing, and editing audio and video materials. Hardware is available to digitize any type of commercial media from the past 100 years, and available software includes:

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite


Roxio Creator NXT3


Corel Draw Suite

The A/V editing workstations allow users to digitize, edit, study, and export A/V materials with the guidance of our dedicated team of student staff. In addition, these machines come equipped with software to help you create and edit 3D models with software like Sketchup and Agisoft Metashape.


Research Software

The FC includes workstations dedicated to high-level research software for those who need to learn or utilize tools for working with GIS, network analysis, R, data visualization, statistics, and many more. Some of the software installed on these machines include:



R and R Studio






Our equipment on the Research Floor includes a suite of scanning tools for digitizing documents and each scanning workstation has guides for how to use its associated scanning equipment. Photographs, class notes, large format books? The FC has the right tool for the job.

Available scanning stations include:

Nikon Scan 4

Epson Scan

OmniPage Ultimate

Fontographer 5

and more!


Viewing Stations

The Freedman Center Research Floor also includes a suite of dedicated viewing stations for patrons who need to view and study movies, documentaries, and other A/V assignments related to their coursework or research.

Microfilm viewing stations are also available and equipped with PowerScan3000.