Recording Studio and A/V Room

A video recording studio with lighting, screens, and a microphone.
Studio lights and screens and a camera in a recording studio
Doors leading into a one-touch video studio and teleconferencing room

The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship provides space for recording and A/V digitization.


Selfie Studio


The Selfie Studio offers space for recording audio and video with your personal device.  Bring your own (BYO) device and utilize the studio lighting, backdrop, and phone mount to create high quality video and audio for your digital scholarship project. Designed to be utilized by a single person or small groups of people, this space is ideal for recording videos for classes, conducting filmed interviews, recording monologues, etc. Be aware that the Selfie Studio is not a soundproof room, and that the library is an active learning space.  Therefore, we cannot ensure an environment that is free from interruptions, distractions, or outside noise.


The A/V Room


The Freedman Center has a dedicated room for capturing A/V materials. The room is equipped with two desktop computers with hardware and software for A/V digitization.

To access these computers, request a Freedman Center USB Key at the Service Center Desk. A/V Room equipment is available for use by the CWRU community as well as visitors to the library and the general public.

Capture Station 1 can capture video from VHS, DVD, Bluray*, DV, Beta, and Laserdisc.

Capture Station 2 can capture audio from Records (33, 45, and 78), cassette tapes as well as DVD and VHS from international sources.

The A/V editing workstations allow users to digitize, edit, study, and export A/V materials with the guidance of our online tutorials and scheduled consultations (

Reservations are not required but suggested as the process of digitization can take a long time.  It is a real-time process so 1 hour of video takes 1 hour to digitize.  Video generally needs to be compressed into more manageable files after it has been digitized as the raw digitized format is 12GB per hour. This process also takes time.

To reserve a workstation, navigate to “Reserve a Seat or Room @ KSL” under “specialized computing” select either F1-CCAP01 (A/V Capture Room Number 104) for capture station 1, or F1-CCAP02 (A/V Capture Room Number 104) for capture station 2.

*Bluray can only be captured in SD quality NOT HD quality.

Patrons should note that other formats can be digitized by the library as part of our for fee Premium Services. This includes: SVHS, Digital and High 8mm video tapes, 16mm and 8mm film, as well as open reel audio.  Those interested in using this service should contact ( for a consultation and a quote.

Any formats not specifically listed can possible (probably) be digitized so please ask!