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Video Rooms

A video recording studio with lighting, screens, and a microphone.
Studio lights and screens and a camera in a recording studio
Doors leading into a one-touch video studio and teleconferencing room

The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship provides two dedicated, reservable spaces for patrons who need to record videos or conduct teleconferencing.


One-Button Video Studio

This studio is under construction and is currently unavailable for use. Once it is available, it includes studio lighting and A/V recording hardware and software. Designed to be utilized by a single person or small groups of people, this space is ideal for recording videos for classes, conducting filmed interviews, recording monologues, etc. Just plug in a flash drive and press the button to begin recording. When you are finished, the video file will automatically be saved to your flash drive.


Digital Capture Room (coming soon!)

The Freedman Center will soon provide a dedicated room for patrons who need to digitize a variety of audio and visual formats. The room will be equipped with two desktop computers with software and equipment capable of:

  • Audio/Video Digitization
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Audio/Video Post Production/Authoring
  • 3D Modeling & Animation
  • Photogrammetry
  • VR Production

The workstations in this room will be available for creating, processing, and editing audio and video materials. Hardware is available to digitize any type of commercial media from the past 100 years, and available software includes:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Pano2VR
  • Roxio Creator NXT3
  • CaptureFlux
  • Corel Draw Suite

The A/V editing workstations allow users to digitize, edit, study, and export A/V materials with the guidance our online tutorials and scheduled consultations ( In addition, these machines come equipped with software to help you create and edit 3D models with software like Sketchup and Agisoft Metashape.

This will be a reservable space once it is available.