Martin Snider, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
School of Medicine
Vice Chair for Education
Department of Biochemistry
School of Medicine

Dr. Snider directs our department's teaching efforts and helps to develop and strengthen our educational programs for undergraduates, MS, PhD and MD/PhD students.


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  • Krokowski D., Jobava R., Guan B. J., Farabaugh K., Wu J., Majumder M., Bianchi M. G., Snider M. D., Bussolati O., and Hatzoglou M.
    “Coordinated regulation of the neutral amino acid transporter SNAT2 and the protein phosphatase subunit, GADD34, promotes adaptation to increased extracellular osmolarity”
    J Biol Chem, in press : (2015).
  • Majumder M., Mitchell D., Merkulov S., Wu J., Guan B. J., Snider M. D., Krokowski D., Yee V. C., and Hatzoglou M.
    “Residues required for phosphorylation of translation initiation factor eIF2alpha under diverse stress conditions are divergent between yeast and human”
    Int J Biochem Cell Biol 59: 135-41 (2015). 
  • Krokowski D., Han J., Saikia M., Majumder M., Yuan C. L., Guan B. J., Bevilacqua E., Bussolati O., Broer S., Arvan P., Tchorzewski M., Snider M. D., Puchowicz M., Croniger C. M., Kimball S. R., Pan T., Koromilas A. E., Kaufman R. J., and Hatzoglou M.
    “A self-defeating anabolic program leads to beta-cell apoptosis in endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced diabetes via regulation of amino acid flux”
    J Biol Chem 288 (24): 17202-13 (2013). 
  • Majumder M., Huang C., Snider M. D., Komar A. A., Tanaka J., Kaufman R. J., Krokowski D., and Hatzoglou M.
    “A novel feedback loop regulates the response to endoplasmic reticulum stress via the cooperation of cytoplasmic splicing and mRNA translation”
    Mol Cell Biol 32 (5): 992-1003 (2012). 
  • Bevilacqua E., Wang X., Majumder M., Gaccioli F., Yuan C. L., Wang C., Zhu X., Jordan L. E., Scheuner D., Kaufman R. J., Koromilas A. E., Snider M. D., Holcik M., and Hatzoglou M.
    “eIF2alpha phosphorylation tips the balance to apoptosis during osmotic stress”
    J Biol Chem 285 (22): 17098-111 (2010). 
  • Huang C. C., Li Y., Lopez A. B., Chiang C. M., Kaufman R. J., Snider M. D., and Hatzoglou M.
    “Temporal regulation of Cat-1 (cationic amino acid transporter-1) gene transcription during endoplasmic reticulum stress”
    Biochem J 429 (1): 215-24 (2010).
  • Huang C. C., Chiribau C. B., Majumder M., Chiang C. M., Wek R. C., Kelm R. J., Jr., Khalili K., Snider M. D., and Hatzoglou M.
    “A bifunctional intronic element regulates the expression of the arginine/lysine transporter Cat-1 via mechanisms involving the purine-rich element binding protein A (Pur alpha)”
    J Biol Chem 284 (47): 32312-20 (2009). 
  • Majumder M., Yaman I., Gaccioli F., Zeenko V. V., Wang C., Caprara M. G., Venema R. C., Komar A. A., Snider M. D., and Hatzoglou M.
    “The hnRNA-binding proteins hnRNP L and PTB are required for efficient translation of the Cat-1 arginine/lysine transporter mRNA during amino acid starvation”
    Mol Cell Biol 29 (10): 2899-912 (2009). 
  • Li Y., Bevilacqua E., Chiribau C. B., Majumder M., Wang C., Croniger C. M., Snider M. D., Johnson P. F., and Hatzoglou M.
    “Differential control of the CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein beta (C/EBPbeta) products liver-enriched transcriptional activating protein (LAP) and liver-enriched transcriptional inhibitory protein (LIP) and the regulation of gene expression during the response to endoplasmic reticulum stress”
    J Biol Chem 283 (33): 22443-56 (2008). Read article in PubMedCentral
  • Zeenko V. V., Wang C., Majumder M., Komar A. A., Snider M. D., Merrick W. C., Kaufman R. J., and Hatzoglou M.
    “An efficient in vitro translation system from mammalian cells lacking the translational inhibition caused by eIF2 phosphorylation”
    RNA 14 (3): 593-602 (2008). Read article in PubMedCentral
  • Lopez A. B., Wang C., Huang C. C., Yaman I., Li Y., Chakravarty K., Johnson P. F., Chiang C. M., Snider M. D., Wek R. C., and Hatzoglou M.
    “A feedback transcriptional mechanism controls the level of the arginine/lysine transporter cat-1 during amino acid starvation”
    Biochem J 402 (1): 163-73 (2007).
  • Gaccioli F., Huang C. C., Wang C., Bevilacqua E., Franchi-Gazzola R., Gazzola G. C., Bussolati O., Snider M. D., and Hatzoglou M.
    “Amino acid starvation induces the SNAT2 neutral amino acid transporter by a mechanism that involves eukaryotic initiation factor 2alpha phosphorylation and cap-independent translation”
    J Biol Chem 281 (26): 17929-40 (2006).
  • Fernandez J., Yaman I., Huang C., Liu H., Lopez A. B., Komar A. A., Caprara M. G., Merrick W. C., Snider M. D., Kaufman R. J., Lamers W. H., and Hatzoglou M.
    “Ribosome stalling regulates IRES-mediated translation in eukaryotes, a parallel to prokaryotic attenuation”
    Mol Cell 17 (3): 405-16 (2005).
  • Fernandez J., Lopez A. B., Wang C., Mishra R., Zhou L., Yaman I., Snider M. D., Hatzoglou M., and Hatzolgou M.
    “Transcriptional control of the arginine/lysine transporter, cat-1, by physiological stress”
    J Biol Chem 278 (50): 50000-9 (2003).
  • Yaman I., Fernandez J., Liu H., Caprara M., Komar A. A., Koromilas A. E., Zhou L., Snider M. D., Scheuner D., Kaufman R. J., and Hatzoglou M.
    “The Zipper Model of Translational Control. A Small Upstream ORF Is the Switch that Controls Structural Remodeling of an mRNA Leader”
    Cell 113 (4): 519-31 (2003).


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