Course Offerings

Aerial picture of the city of Paris in the spring.
Paris, France

BETH 315D/415DFrench Connections, A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Medical Ethics 


This 3-credit course is a collaboration between Case Western Reserve University and the University of Paris. The course includes a ten-day trip to Paris, France over Spring Break. This course offers a cross-cultural comparison of the French and American medical systems.

Man walking with a backpack on his back.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BETH 315J/415JDutch Perspectives: Drugs, Decriminalization, and Detention (spring break) 


This 3-credit intensive course will be held mostly in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with potentially a day trip to The Hague. It will offer students the opportunity to compare and contrast the ways in which the Netherlands and the United States approach drug use.

Arial view of Spain.
Granada, Spain

BETH 315F/415FSpain - Granada 

MAY 2019
Lodging dates: May 11-25, 2019
Course dates: May 13-24, 2019 

This 3-credit intensive course will be held in Granada, Spain. Taught by faculty from CWRU and Spanish faculty, this course offers students a cross-cultural perspective on Bioethics in the United States and Spain. This course uses the medium of film, complemented by readings in Bioethics, film criticism, and medical research

A bridge in Amsterdam with lights on it.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BETH 315A/415AThe Netherlands - Women's Health and Public Health

MAY 2019
Lodging dates: May 18-26, 2019
Course dates: May 19-24, 2019 


The beach in Costa Rica.
San Jose, Costa Rica

BETH 315C/415CHealth and Health Care: A Comparative Perspective: Costa Rica and the United States. 

Winter Break 2019-2020
Lodging dates: December 31, 2019-January 11, 2020
Course dates: January 1 -10, 2020

In this multidisciplinary course, students will investigate health care delivery and environmental engineering challenges in Costa Rica. We will study the affects, costs, barriers, ethics, and implementation of public health interventions such as vaccination and water quality engineering.

Aria of Brazil and the ocean.
Salvador and Ubaira, Brazil

BETH 315H/415HWater Security and Social Justice in Brazil 

Winter Break 2020-2021

Oslo, Norway
Oslo and Bergen, Norway

BETH 315N/415N: Narrative Medicine: Aging, Mental Illness and Cancer

Lodging dates: May 18-May 30, 2019 
Course dates: May 20-29, 2019