Resume Checklist

Career consultants in Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education will critique your resume with you. Although drop-ins are welcome, it is usually to your advantage to make an appointment in advance. Before having your resume critiqued, please complete this checklist.

Did you remember to include:

Name and Contact Information (in Heading)

  • Put your name at the top? Is it larger than all other information? Is it in bold?
  • Use a current address where you can be reached or where someone will know your current address? If you included two addresses (school/college and permanent) did you include dates when you can be reached at each?
  • Include a phone number?
  • Include an email address that you check regularly?


  • State your objective in a clear and concise manner? Does it list a position? Include skills, setting or long-range goals?


  • List your college or university?
  • List the city and state of your college or university next?
  • List your degree and major?
  • Include the month and/or year of completion of your degree?
  • List GPA information (if over 3.0)?


  • Include "specialized" or "relevant" courses?
  • Include only electives or those courses relevant for your objective but outside your major?


  • List your position title, employer, city, state and dates of experience, preferably in that order?
  • Use bullets to make important points?
  • Begin each phrase with a powerful action verb describing your accomplishments?
  • Include only skills important in the type of position you seek?


  • Include those that demonstrate important abilities or characteristics in the workforce?
  • Prioritize these elements (by date or relevance)?
  • Include leadership positions?

Formatting and Finalizing

  • Leave at least a one-inch margin on all four sides?
  • Include lots of white space? Does important information (section headings, for example) stand out?
  • Treat all section headings the same?
  • Use only one easy-to-read font?
  • Use a spellcheck program?
  • Look for consistency in punctuation?

Final Check

  • Have you omitted personal data that employers do not have a need to know? (Age, height, weight, marital status, nationality or ethnicity?)