On-campus Interviews

As many as 300 employers visit campus each year to recruit Case Western Reserve University students. Employers hail from large corporations, start-up companies, government agencies, and research laboratories, and come to interview students for internships and permanent positions upon graduation.

Our staff has a reputation among employers as one of the best at any university. We do our best to make sure that the interviewers enjoy their experience and are willing to hire hardworking, soon-to-be graduates like you.

Please refrain from using OCI for practice. Employers spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to send recruiters to CWRU to interview our students. Each recruiter sees only about 10-13 students, and so each interview space is very costly to the employer. In addition, students who are thinking of an interview as "just for practice" tend not to perform as well and it often results in a poor interview which does nothing to enhance the skills or self-confidence of a student.

Handshake is our online career management system. You can see which companies are scheduled to visit campus, view their job listings, submit an online resume, sign up for interviews, research the companies and print your interview schedule from any computer with internet access.


On-campus Interviews are open to current CWRU students in all majors and alums up to one year after their graduation. You are eligible to participate in on-campus interviews if you are:

  • A graduate student completing requirements for a master's degree or PhD
  • An undergraduate who meets the minimum GPA and class standing for internship/practicum/co-op interview schedules
  • Recent alumni (one year after graduation date)

Keep in mind that, for permanent positions, many employers seek May graduates. Some seek January and August grads as well. The greatest numbers of employers visit campus in the fall, so sign up with us early in your senior year.

Complete your Handshake profile and upload your resume. This will enable you to sign up for open schedules or submit your resume for pre-selected schedules. If you need assistance in preparing a resume:


Job listings for each company conducting on-campus interviews will be posted on Handshake. These listings include a brief company description, a description of the job duties, the requirements of the position, the types of materials required by the employer, and deadlines for submission of materials or sign-up. New listings are added daily, so be sure to check the schedule regularly. Employers are only interested in interviewing qualified applicants, so review each listing carefully. Often, employers request additional materials such as an application, unofficial transcript, or cover letter. All additional materials, including an online resume, must be submitted by the deadline.

A schedule typically consists of 13 interviews of one-half hour each. There are two types of schedules; open and pre-select. An open schedule is just that. It is open to eligible students and alumni who meet the employer's requirements. Students must submit an online resume and sign up for a specific time slot. A pre-select schedule is one in which anyone meeting the employer's requirements may submit an online resume. The employer will review the submitted resumes. Students who best meet the needs of the employer will be pre-selected.

If you don't exactly meet the requirements that the company has listed on the job description, schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with one of our career consultants. Such a situation might be: a company is seeking candidates with a bachelor's degree in a specific major and you have a master's or you have a minor in the major being sought or you feel you are qualified for some other reason. We may be able to add your name to the schedule if an interview slot is available.

Once you know that you have an interview, research, research, research! Click on the company field on the job listing and you'll be instantly connected to their website. In addition, check Handshake to see if the employer is offering an Information Session prior to its interview date. Some of the presentations are the only way that you can get on the interview schedule, so this attendance is mandatory. Get to know what the company is all about; that way, you'll be better prepared to answer interview questions and ask informed questions if given the chance. Check your e-mail often. Our staff will notify you via e-mail of schedule changes and cancellations. In addition, company representatives may use e-mail to inform you of your selection as a pre-select candidate.

Yes! Read through our Tips for Job Seekers section. Once you know the basics, one of the best ways to prepare is, quite simply, practice. Our career consultants provide excellent opportunities for mock interviews and can provide very specific, targeted feedback for your interviewing needs.  Schedule an appointment online.  No time to schedule an appointment?  Check out our amazing resource Big Interview under MyCareer.  Big Interview uses AI to help you practice your interviewing techniques and offers you feedback.

If you need to cancel an interview, you must do so at least one business day prior to the interview. Contact both the Career Center at careers@case.edu and the recruiter if you need to cancel. Explain the situation to the recruiter and ask that they grant you another interview opportunity. If you miss a scheduled interview that was not canceled, your eligibility to participate in On-Campus Interviews will be revoked AND you must see a staff member from the Career Center or additional instructions.

  • You will receive an e-mail from this office requiring you to send a letter/e-mail of apology to the recruiter within two days and a copy of the letter to this office.
  • If you fail to do this you will be sent another e-mail and your interviewing privileges will be temporarily suspended until you have met the requirements.
  • The issue needs to be resolved within one week of the missed interview. Also, you will need to meet with a career consultant to be reactivated in the Handshake system.
  • Two no-shows will result in the loss of your on-campus recruiting privileges. No exceptions will be made.

Dress professionally. Go directly to 229 Sears Library Building, where you will be directed to the Campus Interview Suite. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your interview time. 

For on campus interviews the day after a career fair, the location may be different and may not be in the Career Center at 229 Sears.  Be sure to check with the employer and confirm the location that you will have your interview.