Career Interest Areas

Your career interest area is an affinity group where like-minded students, professionals and experts work together to pursue their passions. Each career interest area has a career consultant in The Career Center dedicated to connecting you with top companies and industry-specific knowledge.

You can identify your career interest area in your Handshake profile. After indicating your career interest area, you'll start to receive tailored communications and recommendations to connect you with events, internship and job opportunities, and more through Handshake! 

arts and culture career interest area symbol

Arts & Culture: Arts, Communication, Entertainment, Media

This career interest area focuses on expressing ideas through written and verbal communication, creative expression and diverse mediums.

Express yourself through arts & culture

business career interest area symbol

Business: Accounting, Consulting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Operations

This career interest area inspires innovative ideas and incorporates design thinking, strength-based management principles, and views business as an agent of world benefit.

Get started in business

engineering and technology career interest area symbol

Engineering, Technology & Science

This career interest area focuses on solving the world's most pressing problems through strong research initiatives and experiential education within an ecosystem of innovation.

Become an innovator 

entrepreneurship career interest area symbol


This career interest area helps you refine practically any entrepreneurial idea and connect you to the resources you'll need to launch and maintain a business.

Launch your big idea

exploratory career interest area symbol


This career interest area focuses on exploration and decision making. If you have a few ideas already or are not sure where to begin, this interest area is for you!

Start exploring

healthcare career interest area symbol

Healthcare: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Other Health Professions

This career interest area focuses on the experiences and skills needed to succeed in the dynamic field of healthcare.

Find your path in healthcare

public service career interest area symbol

Public Service: Education, Government, Law, Nonprofit

This career interest area focuses on advocating for the common good. 

Discover careers for the common good