Using Handshake - For Employers

Handshake is the online recruitment platform where Case Western Reserve University directs all employers to share jobs, internships, events, and other career opportunities with students.

With a free Handshake account Employers can:

  • Post jobs and internships
  • Collect resumes and application materials
  • Find potential job candidates and message them directly
  • View student resumes and other relevant hiring information
  • Advertise both virtual and in-person recruitment events
  • Request on-campus interviews and information sessions
  • Schedule virtual interviews
  • Register for career fairs and attend virtual fairs

Creating a Handshake User Account

Creating your Handshake user account is easy. All you need is an email address and a password.

When creating your account, please be sure to select Case Western Reserve University as one of the schools at which you'd like to recruit. New accounts are typically reviewed within two business days.

Create your Handshake Account (Employers)

Creating an Employer Company Profile

If your company is not already on Handshake, you will need to create an Employer profile. Please make sure that your company does not already have an account before creating a new one, as multiple accounts will confuse students when applying for positions and communicating with your company.

You can request an invite link from the administrator of your company profile, so your user account will be automatically connected.

If you are unable to access the administrator account for your company profile, please contact CWRU at

For additional assistance, reference the "Create an Employer User Account" guide from Handshake.

Handshake Resources

Before you can post jobs and events for CWRU students via Handshake, you’ll need a confirmed user account that is connected to your company profile. Case Western Reserve must also approve your company profile before jobs and events can be posted.

Review the resources below to get started using Handshake. We can’t wait for you to meet top talent at Case Western Reserve.

While we are generally unable to forward event advertisements or job postings directly to students—this special promotion is reserved for our Spartan Sponsor partner employers—there are a few great ways you can reach out to students within Handshake.

Review the “How to Request an Event” guide from Handshake to get started.

Please note: Only Premium Handshake Employers can invite multiple schools to the same event. If you do not have a Premium account, you will have to create separate events for each school.

If you are requesting an on-campus info session or other event, CWRU will follow up via email to confirm details. If you have any questions about scheduling events at CWRU, please contact

Employers can request both on-campus and virtual interviews via Handshake’s Interview Scheduling feature.

Please note when requesting an Interview Schedule that there are three types of Rooms:

  • Room Only: A room will be reserved in Handshake but the slots will be managed outside of Handshake. You can select students for this interview schedule but they will not be able to take slots in Handshake.
  • Open: Specify an application period where if students meet the qualifications set on the interview they can take slots. The students will be able to take a slot immediately after applying.
  • Preselect: Specify an application period and a signup period. Primary and alternate student choices are selected after the application period. Primary candidates are allowed to sign up before alternate candidates.

If you would like to host interviews virtually, you can include video client links in your Interview Schedule.

If you encounter any issues, please reference the complete guide to Interview Schedules in Handshake.

Once you have requested your interview schedule, CWRU will follow up via email to confirm details. If you have any further questions about scheduling interviews at CWRU, please contact

Employers may register for both in-person and virtual career fairs through Handshake. All Employers approved by CWRU will receive email notifications through Handshake about upcoming fairs and registration information. Details about upcoming career fairs can be found on our website.

To register for a fair, either follow registration instructions directly in your invitation email or follow the steps in the “How to Search for a Career Fair” guide.

From the career fair page, click the blue “Register” button located in the top right corner. This will take you directly to the career fair's registration form. You will be notified when your registration has been approved. CWRU will also email you a registration invoice upon approval.

Virtual career fairs at Case Western Reserve University are hosted through Handshake. Register for virtual fairs the same way you would register for an in-person fair. Details about upcoming career fairs can be found on our website.

When attending a virtual fair as an Employer, you will be required to create a schedule of sessions, which are the only way to interact with students during a virtual fair. Once your registration is approved by CWRU, you should create your schedule soon after, as you want to give students as much time as possible to sign up for sessions.

At our fairs, you’ll be able to engage with students in a variety of formats, including:

  • Video, audio and chat communication with students
  • 30-minute group meetings with multiple students
  • 10-minute one-on-one meetings with one student and one employer representative

Handshake offers a variety of helpful resources to help you navigate virtual fairs:

We’ve compiled a list of common issues and solutions for our virtual career fairs. If you need any direct assistance, please contact our team at

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CREATE A VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR SCHEDULE: The user who initially registers for the fair will automatically become the Schedule Owner, which is the only user who can create sessions for that fair. If someone else on your team should be the Schedule Owner, then the current Schedule Owner can transfer their role by following instructions provided in the Managing Schedules for Virtual Fairs guide.

EXPANDING SESSION QUALIFICATIONS (accepted majors and school years): If you are concerned that not enough students are signing up for your sessions, you may want to check the parameters, not only on your employer registration, but on the 1:1 sessions you set up. Even if your registration indicates you will accept candidates from all years and majors, Handshake will not allow student users to see your sessions if the individual session qualifications exclude their school year and/or major. If you are open to speaking with a wider variety of candidates, you will want to edit your parameters to include more or all school years and majors.

LAST MINUTE SIGN-UPS DAY OF FAIR: Students have the ability to register for 1:1 sessions up to a minute before the session start time. Frequently refresh your screen during the fair to ensure you don't miss any last minute sign-ups.

VIDEO REQUIREMENTS: Please take a moment to check that your technology is in line with Handshake's video requirements, in order to avoid any issues during the fair that could cut into your time with candidates. You will especially want to make sure that your company's firewall does not block Handshake's video platform.

CWRU staff will also be available via Zoom on the day of the fair to help troubleshoot any technical issues you may encounter.

For step-by-step instructions or videos on how to do anything in Handshake that is not listed here, please visit Handshake's Help Center for Employers