Student Spotlights

Case Western Reserve University students never cease to amaze us with their achievements and pursuit of experiential learning. Read about our students and their experiences that have advanced their careers while at CWRU.

Featured Spotlight

Anoushka Rajeev

Anoushka Rajeev (CWR '25)

Major(s): Psychology and Business Management

Experiential Education Program: Internship

Organization/Company: Nexus Engineering Group and Howmet Aerospace

Responsibilities: "I am a human resources intern for Nexus Engineering groups and will assist their human resources department with event planning, interviews and scheduling and also job rotation while in the role. Over the summer, I am pursuing an opportunity as a sales intern for Howmet Aerospace and will have the opportunity to interact first-hand with wheel buyers and conduct sales activities for the company. "

Advice: "Always be open to new people and experiences, building relationships, and reaching out to mentors and support systems early."

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Student Spotlights

Judith Cusack

Judith Cusack (CWR '22)

Major(s): History, Sociology and Psychology

Experiential Education Program: Humanities @ Work

Organization/Company: American Historical Association

Responsibilities: "I worked in the marketing department, researching various universities and colleges in different states to determine they had history departments, and compile contact information of those that did.  This information allowed AHA to engage in outreach, touting membership benefits."

Advice: "Broaden your horizons. I am not a marketing major but doing work in a marketing department has still taught me valuable skills that can apply to my career goals."

Winston Kam

Winston Kam (CWR '22)

Major(s): Art History and Materials Science and Engineering

Experiential Education Program: Humanities @ Work, Spring 2021

Organization/Company: Cleveland Museum of Art

Responsibilities: "As a Conservation Frame Intern, I gained knowledge and a basic understanding of materials, techniques and tools used when creating new gilded frame liners for works of art in CMA’s galleries. I developed basic gilding skills, prepared sample boards exposing all the layers in the process. Finally, I created three new gilded replacement liners and carefully fit them into the frames to be installed in the galleries."

Advice: "Be authentic and willing to learn!. Additionally, getting involved in something other than your field of study that relates to the internship is something that shows your flexibility and transferable skills."

Nicholas Kernan

Nicholas Kernan (CWR'23)

Major: Computer Science

Experiential Education Program: Remote Entrepreneurship Program, Summer 2020

Organization/Company: RoadPrintz Inc.

Responsibilities: "Writing a program that created "paintfiles", which were a series of instructions for where the robotic painthead needed to move in order to paint a symbol. Initially done manually, my program greatly improved efficiency and reduced set-up times."

Advice: "Seek CWRU programs that are trying to help you and take advantage of them!"

Jennifer Marer

Jennifer Marer (CWR'22)

Major(s): English and Biology

Experiential Education Program: Humanities @ Work, Spring 2021

Organization/Company: Ideastream

Responsibilities: "I managed Instagram and Facebook posts for the arts and culture department and  wrote weekly articles on things to stream in Cleveland and I also authored an article on Asian American visual artists in Cleveland."

Advice: "In your cover letter, make sure to center the tone about how you can help the company rather than what you want from the company. Instead of saying, "I know I would gain great experience from this position," say "I am confident that my enthusiasm will benefit your team." Also give examples of ideas that you will bring to the company!"

Cindy Serena Nompe Massado

Massado Ngompe (CWR'22)

Major: Chemistry

Experiential Education Program: Practicum

Organization/Company: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Responsibilities: "Synthesis and characterization of organic molecules; functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with ligand chelated to metal catalysts; optimization of reaction conditions for synthesis and electrochemical systems."

Advice: "Create a win-win situation for both you and the program/employer. Be intentional about what you want to learn from the experience. By doing so, it increases the chances of the program seeing you as a good fit as well."

Kellyn Toombs

Kellyn Toombs (CWRU '22)

Major(s): Biology and History

Experiential Education Programs: Career Connections, Humanities @ Work Microinternship, and Practicum 

Advice: "If you can't find a long-term internship or a paid job in the field you want to work in, remember to look for volunteer positions as well (while volunteering may not be an option in all fields, don't overlook it if you are pre-med or interested in working for non-profit organizations like museums). Volunteering will still provide you with new skills and work experience that you can add to your resume, even if you can only spare time on the weekends."

Graduating senior, Kellyn Toombs arrived at CWRU with a mission to succeed at building a career in museum studies. “A big reason why I chose CWRU is its proximity to so many amazing museums, so I have been keeping my eyes peeled for volunteer, internship, and job opportunities in these museums throughout my four years here,” said Toombs. 

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Wonyoung Choi

Wonyoung Choi (CWR '22)

Major: Electrical Engineering; Computer Science minor

Experiential Education Program: Remote Entrepreneurship Program, Summer 2020

Organization/Company: Apartment List

Responsibilities: "I was responsible for creating more robust and user-friendly functionality on Admin Console, their internal web application that caters to both their supply operations teams in addition to property owners. This involved collaborating with my team and teams across the company to do user research and determine desired feature updates as well as additions. At the end of my internship, the requested functionality components I created for the web application were added to their production application and documentation I wrote served as a guideline to implement similar features in the future."

Advice: "Set aside time to look for positions you are interested in. Research the company and reach out to people to ask them questions!"

Travis Johnston

Travis Johnston (CWR '21)

Major: Business Management

Experiential Education Program: Remote Entrepreneurship Program, Summer 2020

Organization/Company: Folio Photonics Inc.

Responsibilities: "I worked as a Business Development Intern and worked on several projects including market research and federal grant proposals."

Advice: "Be open to and reach for every opportunity. You will never know you have a passion for a market if you never experience it. I am now considering a career in a market that I had no knowledge of before taking this internship."

Madeline Myers

Madeline Myers (CWR'21, LAW '23)

Major: Political Science (undergraduate); Current Law Student

Experiential Education Program: Practicum, Summer and Fall 2019

Organization/Company: Cuyahoga Prosecutor's Office, Homicide Division

Responsibilities: "I provided support with department investigative work as it pertains to pending cases; completed special projects for administrative use and researched office policy in response to media accusations; and provided presentation assistance for trials."

Advice: "In trying to figure it out, it's important to use internships to help you make that decision. Use these opportunities to weed out careers."

Nicholas Nazak

Nicholas Nazak (CWR'22)

Major: Biomedical Engineering; Biomechanics

Experiential Education Program: Remote Entrepreneurship Program, Summer 2020

Organization/Company: Constellation Medical, LLC.

Responsibilities: "My role was largely a product/market researcher. I would gather data about COVID-19 test kits and compile them in a useful and concise way. This included sensitivity/specificity statistics, the specific genes of the virus the test kits would seek to isolate, and the general method by which a certain test would actually work to identify the virus. With this information, I wrote short descriptions of each test Constellation Medical would provide for the company website."

Advice: "Involve yourself as much as you can, especially if you are passionate about a certain topic. Your experience (and therefore success) will easily snowball from there. The hardest, yet simplest, part about anything is taking that first step. Do not be afraid to do so; your proactivity will reward you almost instantly in more ways than you'd think."

Nathan Ruhde

Nathan Ruhde (CWR'22)

Major: International Studies and Economics

Experiential Education Program: Practicum, Summer 2020

Project: CoronaNet Research Project

Responsibilities: "As a Research Assistant, I compiled data about how governments were responding to COVID-19. My work was used in evaluating the differences between responses in Middle East states, and was part of the larger CoronaNet database to help rank effectiveness of COVID-19 policies across the world."

Advice: "Do meaningful work and be passionate about what you do. The six best words I can suggest you always keep in mind are: 'Thank you' and 'Can I learn more?'"

Alexandra Welsh

Alexandra Welsh (CWR'22)

Major: Chemical Engineering

Experiential Education Program: Practicum, Summer 2020

Organization/Company: Long Branch Distillery

Responsibilities: "I performed R&D runs on their Mini Still for new products, assisting in the production of large batches from distillation to bottling, established standard operating procedures, and implemented systems for tracking production, orders, and inventory."

Advice: "Be persistent and open to new opportunities.  Be able to articulate what you have learned and how you've added value during interviews."