Other Commodities

If you have a commodity that has neither a strategic partner nor a preferred vendor, find the commodity from the list below and contact the purchasing agent to make a purchase. If you have any questions, contact customer service at customercareteam-pds@case.edu or buying@case.edu.

Commodity / Category Code Purchasing Agent Phone
CIP category codes Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
AFF affiliate category codes Xueying Houston 216.368.0941
MRO category codes John Revay 216.368.0917
20L and >Flammable/Hazardous Andrea Longstreet 216-368.2568
Advertising Sheila Wright 216.368.1992
Affiliate Alcohol Andrea Longstreet 216-368.2568
Affiliate Research Supplies Andrea Longstreet 216-368.2568
Appliances  Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Art and Music Supplies  Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Arts and Crafts  Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Athletics - Recreation and Sporting Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Awards, Plaques, Trophies, Apparel Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Books  Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Catering On and Off-Campus Mary Luberger 216.368.1666
Catering/Event Supplies/Serv Mary Luberger 216.368.1666
Chemical Orders  Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2570
Coffee Service Mary Luberger 216.368.1666
Computer Equipment/Software/Related Supplies/Maintenance Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Computer Lease Administration  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Contracts (independent contractor agreements)  Sheila Wright 216.368.1993
Controlled Substances (research and veterinary)  Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2570
Copier, Facsimile Equipment and Typewriter Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Custodial Services  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Custodial Supplies and Equipment Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Dental Equipment/Supplies Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2570
Dry Ice Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2568
Electronic Equipment and Supplies  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Equipment Rentals Sheila Wright 216.368.1992
Equipment Rentals (events) Mary Luberger 216.368.1666
Federal Express Supplies  mailroom@case.edu 216.368.2565
Food or Beverage (for office)  Mary Luberger 216.368.1666
Furniture  John Revay 216.368.0917
Hardware and Tools  John Revay 216.368.0917
Hotels/Lodging Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Industrial Supplies  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Internal Lease Administration  Sheila Wright 216.368.1992
Leases Computer Related (non-real estate)  John Revay 216.368.0917
Leases Facilities Related (non-real estate)  John Revay 216.368.0917
Leases Research Related (non-real estate)  Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2568
Library Supplies  Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
License Agreements Computer Related Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
License Agreements Facilities Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Maintenance  Research Related Agreements  Andrea Longstreet  216.368.2568
Maintenance Computer and Related Agreements  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Maintenance Facilities Related Agreements  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Maintenance Supplies  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Medical-Surgical-Pharmaceutical Supplies  Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2570
Membership Dues / Organizations Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Microscopes and Microscope Devices  Andrea Longstreet  216.368.2568
Moving Program  John Revay 216.368.0917
Office Supplies  Staples Advantage staples@case.edu
Periodicals/Reprints  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Photographic/X-Ray Materials and Films  Andrea Longstreet  216.368.2568
Plant Construction Services  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Plant Service Contracts  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Plant Stockroom Supplies  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Printing  Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Procurement Cards  Ray-Albert Noscal 216.368.2560
Promotional Products  Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Radioactive Products  Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2568
Recurring Voucher Payments John Revay 216.368.0917
Repairs  Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2568
Research Gasses, Equipment, and Related Supplies  Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2568
Safety Supplies and Equipment  John Revay 216.368.0917
Scientific Equipment and Supplies Andrea Longstreet 216.368.2568
Security Supplies, Services, and Equipment John Revay 216.368.0917
Subscriptions Debbie Gray 216.368.8540
Vehicle Purchases and Licensing  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Vehicle Rentals  Thomas Bassett 216.368.2585
Water Service (for drinking)  Mary Luberger 216.368.1666