Procurement recommends contacting the vendor directly, as this is the most reliable information:


1. Go to the top right and click on your name

2. View My Profile

3. Go to Update Security Settings

4. Click Change Password 

(please ensure compliance with UTech best practices around passwords)


Reset: email

Yes. The cart will transfer to a Requisition, and there will be one PO per each vendor on the order.

When a Requisitioner places an order in SmartCart and brings back the order to PeopleSoft Financial as a requisition, they may encounter the following pop-up message:  

 "This may change the Default values for the Line #.  Do you want to update the Line defaults (10150,180). Changing the items, category, and supplier will change the Line Default values.  Retrofit the default values from the default hierarchy." 

To Clear this message, the Requisitioner may select the option "No." 

To Prevent this message from occurring again in the future, the Requisitioner needs to Click Here for the Instructions.  The total fix time is under 1 minute. 

This error can occur for a few reasons. To fix it, you must enable Third-Party Cookies or add to your sites that are allowed to use cookies.



1. Go to Settings (three dots in the top right, then Settings)

2. Go to Privacy & Security -> Cookies & Site Data

3. Select the bubble for Allow All Cookies.


-Scroll down to "Sites that can always use cookies" and click Add.

-Add and check the box for "including third party cookies on this site", then click Add.




1. Contact the vendor and let them know to cancel the order.

2. Email the PO number to and we will close the PO.

Two options:

1. Contact the vendor directly and request that they match the price for your order. They will then work with Procurement to get the pricing adjusted.

2. Contact and Procurement will assist with contacting the vendor.



Go to the sidebar: 

Shop -> View My Orders (Last 5 Orders or Last 90 days)

Yes. If you did not reach the point where your Requisition is Submitted, then it is almost always lost.

If you are having an issue returning your cart to PeopleSoft for processing (Such as a login screen), please clear your browsing history.  If that does not resolve the issue, please try using Microsoft Edge to complete your order and report the issue to  There is a known issue in PeopleSoft that may log users out of the system during various tasks in PeopleSoft, including returning a cart from SmartCART.   

SmartCART is compatible with all 3 major browsers used at CWRU (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox). Mac users can use Safari or any of the previous 3 listed. If you encounter a technical issue, it is generally recommended to attempt clearing your browser cache and attempting again. You can also attempt resetting your settings to the default:

Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Reset Chrome Settings

Some items are not listed on a vendor's page because they qualify under a different vendor contract. For assistance, email with questions.

Sometimes items will get stuck in your cart and will persist even when you try to delete them. Use the Empty Cart button next to HELP to attempt clearing, and if that does not work, Creating a New Cart will empty the old one.

It is possible to search for Purchase Orders, Invoices, and other important documents using the Document Search feature of SmartCART.


Refer to our instruction guide located here:

SmartCART Document Search Guide

Window Shoppers: Email with your request and list the new approver.


Peoplesoft Financials Users: Use the following directions -