Class Schedulers' Newsletter - Volume 1

Welcome to the Class Schedulers’ Newsletter! This newsletter seeks to answer some of your common questions about scheduling classes as well as bring you timely updates and information. Topics include:


New Instruction Mode

A new instruction mode for Individualized Study (IS) was created to represent individualized study that occurs as arranged. This instruction mode is available for classes starting in Summer 2021.

Examples of Individualized Study (IS) are thesis, dissertation, independent study, research, co-op, and practicum.

Courses with a defined meeting pattern in SIS (days, times, and location) should not be encoded with the IS instruction mode. Many sections have already been updated to the IS instruction mode, but please make other updates as needed.

See all Instructions Modes.


Schedule Print

The Schedule Print field is now labeled Display in Class Search. If the box next to this field is checked, the class is available for students to see in Class Search.


SOC Resources

Did you know we have step by step instructions for the processes used in scheduling classes? These are available on our SIS Resources page. Scroll to the bottom and you will see guides for class scheduling and instructions for running Schedule of Classes reports.


SOC WorkCenter

Did you know there is a WorkCenter available that gives you easy access to all of the pages you need to schedule your classes?

From your Staff Home page in SIS, click the SOC WorkCenter tile, or navigate to >Curriculum Management >Schedule of Classes >SOC WorkCenter. It may take a moment or two to load. Please wait for all of the spinners to stop spinning before clicking on any links.

In the WorkCenter you will find three link collections on the left:

  • Pages typically used for scheduling classes in the order that you may be likely to use them.
  • Other useful pages in SIS related to classes.
  • External sites that are helpful when scheduling classes.

In the center of the page, you will find grids that show:

  • Errors or warnings that need to be corrected.
  • Classes that do not have an instructor. Classes whose enrollment is within 5% of the capacity of the assigned room.
  • Classes that have a facility ID of TBA but have a requested room.

For any of these grids, click the section number to open the class in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

You'll also find grids that show:

  • Enrollment totals for your classes.
  • The percentage of your classes that have the print flag turned on.


Send questions about SOC scheduling to