Withdrawal and Tuition Refunds


Students who discontinue all studies during the semester (even if enrolled in only one class) must contact their respective deans and registrars. Students may also initiate a withdrawal request from the Student Information System by selecting "Withdrawal Request" from the "other academic" dropdown menu in the Academics section of the Student Center. Complete withdrawal during the Fall and Spring terms will result in a "WD" grade on the student's academic record if the withdrawal request is submitted after the drop/add period of the term. Withdrawal during the Summer term will result in grades of W (for each class) on the student's academic record. Tuition charges for the semester will be a percentage of the tuition cost based on the number of weeks in session. The withdrawal process will not be considered complete until either a signed withdrawal form is received by the Registrar's Office or until an on-line withdrawal request is processed by the Registrar's Office. Withdrawal forms must be received no later than seven (7) days from final approval from the Dean's Office. Non-attendance does not constitute official notification of a student's withdrawal. No one will be allowed complete withdrawal after the last day of classes.

See Enrollment Dates and Deadlines

Refunds - Fall and Spring

Refunds for Partial Withdrawal or Dropped Class

There will be no refunds for partial withdrawal/dropped classes. A student who drops a class or classes (after the drop/add period) but does not fully withdraw from the University is not entitled to a tuition refund.

Refunds for Full Withdrawal from School

The refund policy for a complete withdrawal during Fall and Spring semesters only is as follows:

Week Refund Amount
Weeks 1 & 2 100%
Week 3 75%
Week 4 50%
Week 5 25%
Weeks 6+ 0%

There will be no refunds after the fifth week of classes.

Refunds - Summer

Refunds for Class Withdrawals

Because the Summer term has many different sessions, refunds will be handled on a class by class basis. The Summer class withdrawal schedule will be extrapolated based on the schedule above depending on the number of days that have elapsed compared to the total days for which the class is to be taught.