Degree Planning for Undergraduate Students

The University has introduced a new product called Stellic, accessed directly from the Student Information System (SIS). Stellic offers a more modern student and advisor experience and enhances the ability to view and manage students' paths to graduation via requirements.

Stellic is a cloud-based user-centric dynamic planning tool that helps undergraduate students Organize, Track, and Personalize their degree path.

  • Stellic replaces the Academic Requirement Report, What-if Reports, My Planner, and Scheduler Planner tools in the Student Information System (SIS) for undergraduate students.
  • Stellic offers improved advising tools, helping students more easily plan their semester schedules and visualize their degree requirements.

The project team consists of resources from UTech, the Undergraduate Advising Support (UAS) Office, and the Office of the University Registrar.


Training and Resources

Introduction to Stellic


Benefits of Stellic as a Degree Planning Tool


Stellic expands functionality for students.

  • Easily explore programs. Students can view alternate scenarios for planning purposes by adding programs to their profiles to see how existing and planned coursework will apply toward those requirements.
  • Create a plan for each semester towards graduation. Stellic has a user friendly interface with a clean layout, mobile friendly views, and drag and drop functionality.
  • Generate a schedule that fits students’ preferences. Students can take their planned courses and have Stellic automatically generate a schedule based on the sections offered in SIS.


Stellic fosters transparency and collaboration with advisors.

  • A shared view helps advisors and students stay on the same page. Any changes students make to their planner or scheduler in Stellic, the advisor can see and make any notes based on their knowledge of course offerings, workload, or recommendations.


Stellic provides expanded analytics for advisors and administrators.

  • Advisors and administrators can create reports generated from the degree planning tools to easily identify students who meet certain criteria (e.g. undeclared students, seniors with less than 5 requirements remaining, students with less than 2.0 GPA, etc).


Other Stellic Partners

University Sponsors

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:

CWRU will soon provide an enhancement to the Student Information System (SIS) that will help undergraduate students and their advisors plan their pathways toward degree completion. This tool, called Stellic, is also expected to provide better support for curricular planning at the department and school levels.

Stellic is a cloud-based product that will integrate into the Student Information System (SIS) and replace the existing Academic Requirement Reports, What-if Reports, My Planner, and Scheduler Planner tools currently in SIS.

As co-executive sponsors for this project, we are excited to share some of the much-anticipated improved features, including:

  • Easy access to tools to assist students with degree planning

  • Comprehensive and seamless planning across multiple terms encompassing required and elective courses

  • Ability to use drag-and-drop functionality for open time slots to locate courses meeting degree requirements or other student preferences

  • Streamlined interface for students and advisors to collaborate and view completed, planned, and unplanned requirements through a shared view

Stellic is scheduled to launch in early 2024. We look forward to sharing more information as we get closer to going live.

Sincere thanks from the project Executive Co-Sponsors,

Don Feke, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Academic & Faculty Affairs
Miro Humer, Vice President & CIO, [U]Tech
Jeff Wolcowitz, Senior Advisor to the Provost for Learning


Stellic Student Guides

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Students get to Stellic from SIS in the same way the previous tools were accessed. Students can navigate to Stellic through either the Academics Tile or Classes & Enrollment Tile.

No, students can add courses to their shopping cart from Stellic, but validation of the cart and enrollment in classes takes place in SIS.

Stellic should be used as a planning tool.

  • Students can use the planner to map out what courses or requirements they would like to satisfy each semester through to graduation.
  • Students can then use the scheduler to generate a schedule for a specific semester that works for the student.
  • Once sections have been identified, students can add to shopping cart in SIS from Stellic.

Stellic is a robust planning tool and students should not lose any major functionality currently provided by My Academic Requirement reports, What-if Reports, My Planner, or Scheduler Planner.

Because Stellic is only available for undergraduate degree requirements, students who are also in a graduate program have their Academic Requirements within SIS and will need to work between the two systems to make sure requirements for both degrees are being met appropriately.

Coursework on the graduate or professional career will not be reflected in Stellic until the internal transfer of credit has taken place administratively (dependent on program will take place either at the end of each semester or the end of the program before graduation).

Students who fall into this category will have a tag at the top of their profile in Stellic to indicate they are “Dual Career” to help their advisor be aware that more information is in SIS when advising the student on coursework.

The connection to send courses from Stellic to the shopping cart in SIS is available only for undergraduate career shopping carts, this includes BS/MS students and integrated programs that register on the undergraduate career. IGS (Integrated Graduate Studies) students, who register on a graduate career, will add classes to their shopping cart directly from the Class Search in SIS. This process has not changed with the implementation of Stellic.

Not at this time. Students will continue to declare their major using the existing procedures within the Undergraduate Advising Support office.

Not at this time. Students will continue to request exceptions/substitutions/waivers to their degree requirements using the existing procedures within the Undergraduate Advising Support office.


Contact Us

For questions about how to read your degree requirements in Stellic or if you believe there may be an error on your Academics Requirements Report, contact your four-year advisor. You can locate your four-year advisor in SIS.


Looking for advisor information? See Degree Planning for Undergraduate Advisors.