Course Time Slot Grid

Case Western Reserve University has an official time grid for courses.  The purpose of this grid is to minimize conflicts between different course offerings, thereby maximizing the probability that students can schedule their desired courses.  It also allows efficient use of our classroom resources.

Undergraduate courses offered at times that conflict with this grid can cause difficulty for students registering for courses, and contribute to difficulties scheduling classrooms.  We recognize that there are valid pedagogical reasons, such as for labs and long-format seminars, that some courses may need to span multiple grid blocks. Academic units should, however, minimize the number of courses taught off-grid. The scheduling of any off-grid courses that do not minimize the number of grid blocks occupied must be justified to the University Registrar.

-Approved by Faculty Senate 9/28/2015


January Session Course Time Slots for Spring 2021

Standard time blocks for January session courses begin at 9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm*

Based on CWRU's definition of "credit hour," courses should meet for 700 minutes per credit hour over the course of the 3-week session.

1 credit hour courses (700 minutes total)
Approximately fifty minutes per day / five days per week

3 credit hour courses (2100 minutes total)
Two hours and twenty minutes / five days per week

4 credit hour courses (2800 minutes total)
Approximately three hours and ten minutes / five days per week

*All times are shown in Eastern Time