Class Schedulers' Newsletter - Volume 8

This newsletter seeks to answer some of your common questions about scheduling classes as well as bring you timely updates and information. This volume's topics include:


Summer and Fall 2023 Deadline

The data for the Summer and Fall 2022 term has been rolled forward to create Summer and Fall 2023 offerings. The deadline for updating Summer and Fall 2023 class information and for notifying the appropriate individual or office is January 31, 2023.

Upon completion of your review and edits, please notify the appropriate individual as follows:


New Admin Page and Process Checklist

Our new Schedule of Classes Administration page shows new users how to gain access and features a new training video giving an overview of the whole process of maintaining your classes in SIS.

There is also an SOC Process Checklist for you to download and refer to while updating your classes for a new term.


SOC WorkCenter

From your Staff Home page in SIS, click the SOC WorkCenter tile, or navigate to >Curriculum Management >Schedule of Classes >SOC WorkCenter.

On the left-hand menu, you will see:


  • Pages typically used for scheduling classes in the order that you may be likely to use them.
  • Class Permissions
  • Course Action Form
  • Other useful pages in SIS related to classes
  • External sites that are helpful when scheduling classes


  • SOC Reports
    • Errors or warnings that need to be corrected
    • Classes whose enrollment is within 5% of the capacity of the assigned room
    • SOC Summary results
  • SOC Queries
    • Classes that have a facility ID of TBA but have a requested room
    • Enrollment totals for your classes
    • The percentage of your classes that have the print flag turned on

From the query results, click the section number to open the class in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

Send questions about SOC scheduling to