Permissions Newsletter - Volume 2

This newsletter seeks to answer your questions and give you a better understanding of the permissions process in the Student Information System (SIS). Topics include:


Granting Permissions En Masse

If you need to grant permissions to more than one student at a time and do not need to add a unique comment for each student, you can grant them all at once.

Select the checkbox to the left of the student’s name (or select the checkbox to the left of Student/ID to select all students), click the arrow 

Image of the Permissions Action icon.

to the right of Actions, and select Grant Selected.

Please note that only the permission the student requested will be granted. If additional permission, such as Closed Class, is now required, it will not automatically be added through the Actions menu. At this time, if the student is enrolled in the class and is requesting a time conflict permission, you will not be able to grant it through the Actions menu. If you receive the message “No grants could be applied,” click the button in the Update Status column to grant the permission.


Sorting and Filtering Permissions


By default, permissions are sorted in descending order of the last time the permission changed (the date and time in the Updated On column). If you would like to sort on a different field, click the button with up and down arrows 

Image of the Permission Sorting icon.

and click once on the field to sort in ascending order, and click the field again to sort in descending order. When you have the sort order selected, click the “x” to the right of Sort.


If you would like to filter the requests to a particular class, a permission requested, or a specific population of students, click the Filter icon 

Image of the Permission Filter icon.

to the left of Actions, and use the drop down boxes to narrow the results, then click Done. To clear selected filters, click the Filter icon again, and click Reset, then click Done.


Manually Adding a Permission

If a student contacts you directly to request permission for a class, and you would like to grant the request before the student attempts to register, you can manually add a permission for a course.

  1. From the Faculty Home page, click the My Schedule & Rosters tile.
  2. Select Permission Requests (Add) from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the term in which the class is offered.
  4. Click Add Permission Request in the upper right.
  5. If you have the student’s 7-digit ID number, you can enter it directly in the Student ID field, or you can click the magnifying glass to search for the student.
  6. If you know the class number, you can enter it directly in the Class Nbr field, or you can click the magnifying glass to search for the class.


See Reviewing Permission Requests for complete instructions on reviewing and responding to permission requests.

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