Academic Programs

This is a list of all academic programs in SIS at CWRU. It does not imply that the program is currently available. Some of these codes are for programs no longer offered. It is necessary to maintain this table in its entirety for purposes of maintaining historical records.

Academic Program Description
ACCMA Accountancy (MAcc)
AMSMA American Studies (MA)
ANAPH Anatomy (PhD)
ANEMS Anesthesia (MS)
ANPMS Applied Anatomy (MS)
ANSMS Anesthesia (MS)
ANTMA Anthropology (MA)
ANTPH Anthropology (PhD)
APHCT Aerospace Physiology (Ct)
APHMS Aerospace Physiology (MS)
APMMS Applied Mathematics (MS)
APMPH Applied Mathematics (PhD)
APVCT Aerospace Physiology (Ct)
APVMS Aerospace Physiology (MS)
AREMA Art Education (MA)
ARHMA Art History (MA)
ARHPH Art History (PhD)
ARMMA Art Hstry & Museum Stds (MA)
ARMPH Art Hstry & Museum Stds (PhD)
ASTMS Astronomy (MS)
ASTPH Astronomy (PhD)
AQMCT Adv Quantitative Method (Ct)
BCHMS Biochemistry (MS)
BCHPH Biochemistry (PhD)
BETMA Bioethics & Med Humanities(MA)
BETPH Bioethics (PhD)
BHIMS Biomed & Hlth Informatics (MS)
BHIPH Biomed & Hlth Informatics (PhD)
BIMMS Biometry (MS)
BIMPH Biometry (PhD)
BIOMS Biology (MS)
BIOPH Biology (PhD)
BRSMS Biochemical Research (MS)
BTNMS Biotechnology (MS)
CASUG Arts & Sciences Undergraduate
CBIPH Cell Biology (PhD)
CCMMD Doctor of Medicine - CCLCM
CGLMA Cognitive Linguistics (MA)
CHEMS Chemistry (MS)
CHEPH Chemistry (PhD)
CISMS Computing & Info Science (MS)
CISPH Computing & Info Science (PhD)
CLSMA Classical Studies (MA)
CMPMS Computer Science (MS)
CMPPH Computer Science (PhD)
COSMA Communication Sciences (MA)
COSPH Communication Sciences (PhD)
CRMCT Compliance & Risk Mgmt (Cert)
CRSMS Clinical Research (MS)
CSVMS Computing & Info Science (MS)
CTSPH Clinicl Translational Sci(PhD)
DAECT Advanced Education in Gen Dent
DCSCT Cranfac Surg & Spec Care Orth
DEDCT Endodontics Post-Prof Certn
DEDMS Endodontics (MS)
DENBS Dentistry Undergraduate
DENDM Doctor of Dental Medicine
DENDS Doctor of Dental Surgery
DENND Dental Medicine Nondegree
DESCT Design, Innov & IP Mgmt (Cert)
DNCMA Contemporary Dance (MA)
DNCMF Contemporary Dance (MFA)
DOLCT Oral Medicine Post-Prof Certn
DOLMS Oral Medicine (MS)
DOMCT Oral & Maxillofac Surg (Cert)
DOMMS Oral & Maxillofac Surg (MS)
DORCT Orthodontics Post-Prof Certn
DORMS Orthodontics (MS)
DPDCT Pediatric Dent Post-Prof Certn
DPDMS Pediatric Dentistry (MS)
DPECT Periodontics Post-Prof Certn
DPEMS Periodontics (MS)
DPHCT Dental Public Health (Cert)
DSCCT Applied Data Science (Cert)
EAPMS Electrical Engineering (MS)
EAPPH Electrical Engineering (PhD)
EARMS Aerospace Engineering (MS)
EARPH Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
EBIMS Biomedical Engineering (MS)
EBIPH Biomedical Engineering (PhD)
EBTCT Experimental Biotechnology(Ct)
EBVMS Biomedical Engineering (MS)
ECEMS Chemical Engineering (MS)
ECEPH Chemical Engineering (PhD)
ECIMS Civil Engineering (MS)
ECIPH Civil Engineering (PhD)
ECMMS Computer Engineering (MS)
ECMPH Computer Engineering (PhD)
ECOMA Economics (MA)
ECOPH Economics (PhD)
ECVMS Civil Engineering (MS)
EDUMA Education (MA)
EEPMS Elec Engr & Appl Physics (MS)
EEPPH Elec Engr & Appl Physics (PhD)
EFTMS Fluid & Thermal Science (MS)
EFTPH Fluid & Thermal Science (PhD)
EGLMA English (MA)
EGLPH English (PhD)
EGRMS Engineering (MS)
EIDCT Early Interventn Dev Spec (Ct)
EMAMS Macromolecular Science (MS)
EMAPH Macromolecular Science (PhD)
EMCMS Mechanical Engineering (MS)
EMCPH Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
EMMMS Metallurgy & Materials Science
EMSMS Materials Science & Engr (MS)
EMSPH Materials Science & Engr (PhD)
EMVMS Mechanical Engineering (MS)
ENGME Practice Oriented Master's
ENGMM Master of Engineering & Mgmt
ENGUG Engineering Undergraduate
EPBMD Doctor of Medicine - EPB
EPBMS Epidemiology & Biostats (MS)
EPBPH Epidemiology & Biostats (PhD)
ESCPH Systms Ctrl & Indus Engr (PhD)
ESVMS Systems & Control Engr (MS)
ESYMS Systems & Control Engr (MS)
ESYPH Systems & Control Engr (PhD)
EVHMS Environmental Health Sci (MS)
EVHPH Environmental Health Sci (PhD)
FAMMS Family Medicine (MS)
FRCMA French (MA)
GENMS Genetics (MS)
GENPH Genetics (PhD)
GEOMS Geological Sciences (MS)
GEOPH Geological Sciences (PhD)
GNCMS Genetic Counseling (MS)
GRSND Graduate Studies Nondegree
HINCT Health Informatics (Cert)
HSTMA History (MA)
HSTPH History (PhD)
IBMPH Integrated Biomedicl Sci (PhD)
IQBCT Interschl Quant Biosci (Ct)
LAWCR Master of Compliance/Risk Mgmt
LAWJD Juris Doctor
LAWLM Master of Laws
LAWMA Master of Arts (Law)
LAWML Master of Laws
LAWMX Master of Arts (Law)
LAWSJ Doctor of Juridical Science
LEACT Leadership Excel & Achieve (Ct)
LIBMS Library Science
LIBPH Library & Information Science
LWVJD Juris Doctor
LWVLM Master of Laws
LWVMA  Master of Arts (Law)
MATMS Mathematics (MS)
MATPH Mathematics (PhD)
MBOMS Molecular Bio & Microbio (MS)
MBOPH Molecular Bio & Microbio (PhD)
MCNCT Maternal/Child Nutrition(Cert)
MDPMS Medical Physiology (MS)
MDVMS Medical Physiology (MS)
MEDMD Doctor of Medicine
MEDNV Medical School Visitors
MGTAI Master of Business Analytics and Intelligence
MGTCN Certificate in Nonprofit Mgmt
MGTDB Doctor of Business Admin
MGTDM Doctor of Management
MGTED Executive Doctor of Management
MGTEX Exec Master of Business Admin
MGTFT FinTech (MS)
MGTHM Master of Healthcare Mgmt
MGTMB Master of Business Admin
MGTMF Master of Finance
MGTMN Master of Nonprofit Org
MGTMS Master of Sci in Management
MGTMX Exec Master of Nonprofit Org
MGTND Management Nondegree
MGTNM Mandel Center Nondegree
MGTPH Management (PhD)
MGTSC Master of Supply Chain Mgmt
MGTUG Management Undergraduate
MGVMB Master of Business Admin
MISMS Information Systems (MS)
MLEMA Military Ethics (MA)
MMEPH Molecular Medicine (PhD)
MPDMS Positive Organizatnal Dev (MS)
MPHMP Public Health (MPH)
MSCMS Management Science (MS)
MSTMD Doctor of Medicine - MSTP
MSTPH Med Scientist Trng Prg (PhD)
MUCPH Musicology (PhD)
MUEMA Music Education (MA)
MUEPH Music Education (PhD)
MUHMA Music History (MA)
MUPDM Histrcl Perform Practice (DMA)
MUPMA Historcl Perform Practice (MA)
MVRPH Molecular Virology (PhD)
NEUMS Neurosciences (MS)
NEUPH Neurosciences (PhD)
NHCCT Nutrition/Health Care Prof(Ct)
NONAD Nondegree Dental Medicine Adv
NONCM Cleveland Institute of Music
NONDA Dental Assisting
NONDN Nondegree Dental Medicine
NONEF Expanded Function Dental Aux
NONGC Nondegree Non-GRAD Courses
NONGF Nondegree Grad Stds Fellowship
NONGR Nondegree Post-Baccalaureate
NONGS Nondegree Graduate Spec Aud
NONLC Nondegree Non-LAW Courses
NONLW Nondegree Law
NONMC Nondegree Non-MGMT Courses
NONMD Nondegree Non-MED Courses
NONMG Nondegree Management
NONNR Nondegree Non-NURS Courses
NONSS Nondegree Non-SASS Courses
NONUG Nondegree Undergraduate
NONUS Nondegree Undergrad Spec Audit
NONUV Nondegree Undergrad Visitors
NTRMS Nutrition (MS)
NTRPH Nutrition (PhD)
NURCT Nursing Post-MSN Certification
NURDN Doctor of Nursing Practice
NURMN Master of Nursing
NURMS Master of Science in Nursing
NURND Nursing Nondegree
NURPC Prof Nursing Certificate
NURPH Nursing (PhD)
NURUG Nursing Undergraduate
OPRCT Operations Research (Cert)
OPRMS Operations Research (MSM)
OPRMT Operations Research (MS)
OPRPH Operations Research (PhD)
ORBMS Organizational Behavior (MS)
ORBPH Organizational Behavior (PhD)
ORDMS Organizatnl Dev & Analys (MS)
PASMS Physician Asst Studies (MS)
PATMS Pathology (MS)
PATPH Pathology (PhD)
PBHCT Public Health (Cert)
PHCCT Public Humanities/Civic Eng (Cert)
PHIMA Philosophy (MA)
PHNMS Public Health Nutrition (MS)
PHOMS Physiology & Biophysics (MS)
PHOPH Physiology & Biophysics (PhD)
PHRMS Pharmacology (MS)
PHRPH Pharmacology (PhD)
PHSMS Physiology (MS)
PHYMS Physics (MS)
PHYPH Physics (PhD)
POSMA Political Science (MA)
POSPH Political Science (PhD)
POVME Practice Oriented Master's
PRMCT Readiness Inst/Biomed Ed(Cert)
PSYMA Psychology (MA)
PSYPH Psychology (PhD)
RLGMA Religious Studies (MA)
RMEMS Regen Med & Entreprenrshp (MS)
SAIMS Social Administration
SAISW Social Work
SASCN Certificate in Nonprofit Mgmt
SASMN Master of Nonprofit Org
SASMS Social Administration
SASND SASS Nondegree
SASSW Social Work
SATMS Social Administration
SAVMS Social Administration
SAVSW Social Work
SBBMS Systems Biol & Bioinform (MS)
SBBPH Systems Biol & Bioinform (PhD)
SOCMA Sociology (MA)
SOCPH Sociology (PhD)
SPCMA Speech (MA)
STAMS Statistics (MS)
STAPH Statistics (PhD)
SWSPH Social Welfare (PhD)
SYPPH Systems Physiology (PhD)
THRMA Theater Arts (MA)
THRMF Theater Arts (MFA)
TIPCT Trauma-Informed Practice (Ct)
TPVCT Trauma-Informed Practice (Ct)
UGRDN Dental Six Year Program
UGRND Undergraduate Nondegree
UGRPP Pre-Professional Scholars Prog
UGRUD Undeclared Undergraduate
WLTMA World Literature (MA)
WRHCT Wireless Health (Cert)