Students - Designated Advisors

A designated advisor is a staff or faculty member who will have access to view your SIS information. This person will not be able to release advising holds but will have access to your academic and demographic data.

A designated advisor can be assigned by a student and can also be assigned by a SIS administrator in order to supplement student support.  If a student has a pre-major advisor at the time they declare a major, their pre-major advisor will become a designated advisor.

Once logged into SIS, a student can click the Advisors tile on the Student Homepage to add a designated advisor and to see who is assigned. To add a designated advisor, choose Designated Advisors from the menu on the left, enter the advisor's network ID, then click the Add Designated Advisor button.  To remove a designated advisor, click the Remove button.

For more detailed instructions, see our Designated Advisor User Guide.

No, a designated advisor is optional.