Academic Requirements Report


The Academic Requirements Report is available for students in the following careers: UGRD, GRAD, MGMT, and SASS. This report is prepared to assist you in determining your academic progress at Case Western Reserve University. Final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements resides with you.

Begin by logging into SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

Navigating Your Academic Requirements Report

  1. From Student Home, click the Academics tile, then click the Academic Progress tile.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Menu > Academics > Academic Progress.

  2. The Academic Requirements Report appears.

  3. At the top of the report, you will see your name and student ID followed by the Program/Plan table.

  4. Beneath the Program/Plan table is the following legend:

    A green circle with checkmark means Taken. A yellow diamond means In Progress. A blue star means Planned.


    These symbols appear next to classes in the report that you have taken, are currently taking, or are planning to take to satisfy a requirement. Classes with the Planned symbol indicate that the class is in your Planner, which is an optional Student Center planning tool.

    If a class does not have a symbol next to it, then you have not yet taken or planned to take that course.

    For an unsatisfied requirement, a list of classes that can satisfy the requirement appears in the section.

  5. Next are the report’s headers. The first header is your career requirements. Subsequent headers will vary depending on your career, program, plan, and subplans (if applicable).

    Beneath each header are the following:

    • Requirements for satisfying the section
    • Your status regarding this requirement (Satisfied or Not Satisfied)
    • Units (or Courses) Required
    • Units (or Courses) Taken
    • Units(or Courses) Needed
  6. Throughout the Academic Requirements Report are carats or arrows that will expand and collapse each section.

    Wherever the arrow appears to point into the report, that means that the section is collapsed. Click the arrow to expand the section and view its details. When a section is expanded, the corresponding arrow will point down.

    If a header or section is expanded by default, then that particular requirement is not satisfied.

  7. When the section expands, up to ten courses can appear in the section at one time. Click on the Show next row button to see the next ten courses. Click the View All button to see all the courses used by that section.

  8. If applicable, the Courses Not Applied section contains courses that do not apply to any specific requirement. Since this section is not an academic requirement, but rather a place to show courses you have taken that do not apply to degree requirements, the default status will always be Satisfied.

    The list of courses can be found under the nested Extra Courses section. Click the Expand Section button next to Extra Courses to see the list. If the Expand Section button is not available, you have not taken any courses that do not apply to the degree requirements.

  9. Also included for each Academic Plan is a requirement to check for a minimum GPA, minimum number of units, and minimum number of residency units specifically for that Plan.