Apply for Graduation

Begin by logging into the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. Your Student Home appears. Click Academics > Graduation > Apply for Graduation

  2. The Apply for Graduation screen appears.

    The Select Program and Degree screen appears. All programs in which you are active appear on the screen.

    If you have already applied for graduation in a program, the Appl Status field will appear to the right of the Career field followed by your application status.

  3. Click on the program for which you are applying for graduation.

  4. The Select Graduation Term screen appears.  The screen displays your academic program, career, degree, and, if applicable, major(s) and minor(s).

    Review this information to confirm that you have selected the correct program. If it is not correct, click the Select Different Program button to return to the previous page and select a different program.

  5. Click the Expected Graduation Term list.

  6. Select the term in which you want to graduate from the dropdown list.

    If the term you want does not appear, it is not yet open for graduation applications.

  7. School-specific graduation instructions appear. Please read them carefully.

  8. Click the Continue button.

  9. The screen refreshes with new information. Scroll down to see the Select Different Program button, Select Different Term button, and Additional Required Information section.

  10. Confirm name that will appear on your diploma. The diploma name displayed is your legal name on record in the Student Information System.  Changes to your legal name can be made in accordance with the process described at and must be requested at least three months prior to the date on which you intend to graduate. You may update your middle name below, but you may be contacted to supply supporting documentation.

  11. Enter the phonetic spelling of your name, or enter a word that rhymes with your name. Include first, middle, and last name(s) as appropriate.

  12. You are asked to supply an address in case your diploma must be mailed to you. You may copy your current permanent (Home) address into the graduation application.

    Click the Copy Permanent Address button.

  13. To enter a different address than your Home address, first click the Look up Country icon.

  14. Enter information to search for the appropriate country into the Description field.

  15. Click the Look Up icon.

  16. Select the appropriate country from the search results.

  17. Click the Edit Address link.

  18. Enter the address information as appropriate into the Edit Address screen.

  19. Click OK.

  20. If you are graduating from a Ph.D. program, the Dissertation Title field will appear. Enter the title of your dissertation into this field.

  21. In the Commencement Activities section, answer the question by clicking the Yes or No radio button.

  22. Click the Submit Application button.

  23. The Submit Confirmation screen appears.

This completes the process of applying for graduation. If you have questions about your application or the graduation process, please contact your school or college.