Change Class Meeting Days and Times


Meeting dates, days, and times of class sections, also known as the Meeting Pattern, are maintained on the Meetings tab in the Schedule of Classes. This guide will describe how to make changes to a class’s Meeting Pattern.

This change cannot be made when Display in Class Search is checked. For more on the Display in Class Search checkbox, see the guide The Finished Product.

Change Meeting Pattern

  1. Login to SIS with your CWRU ID and associated passphrase. From the Staff Home page, select the SOC WorkCenter tile, and then choose Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    Alternatively, use the menu and navigate to Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    The Maintain Schedule of Classes search screen appears.

  2. Look up Academic Institution and select CASE1.

  3. Click Look up Term and select the appropriate term from the list.

  4. Click Search. All courses owned by your department and scheduled during the chosen term appear in the search results.

  5. Select the appropriate class from the search results.

  6. The Basic Data tab appears.

    Before making changes, confirm you are on the right section by looking at the Class Section field. If necessary, use the arrow buttons at the top of the box to locate the correct section.

  7. Click the Meetings tab.

    If the meeting days of a class are changing, start with the Pat (Pattern) field.

  8. Click the Look up Pat icon and select the appropriate meeting pattern from the search results. If the needed meeting pattern isn’t available, leave the Pat field blank and select the appropriate checkbox below the day(s) the class meets.

    Note that the value in the Mtg Start field remains the same as before, but the Mtg End time might have changed based on the Pattern selected. You will receive a warning if the meeting end time changes.

  9. If applicable, enter a new class start time into the Mtg Start field.

    Enter the time without formatting (e.g., colons) and SIS will format the time for you. Enter whole hours as the number followed by "a" for AM or "p" for PM (e.g., 1p, 10a). Enter all other times as a series of four numbers followed by "a" or "p" (e.g., 0945a, 1210p).

  10. Press [Tab] on your keyboard. SIS will automatically update the Mtg End field based on the Pattern selected and start time you entered.

  11. If a warning appears, click the OK button. Confirm that the end time is correct and make changes as necessary. All non-standard meeting times must be approved by the school's/college's dean.

    The Start/End Date fields default to the beginning and end of the Session to which the class is assigned. Update the Start Date and/or End Date if necessary.

  12. Click the Save button.

This completes the process of changing meeting days and times of a class section.

Refer to other guides to assist with additional edits to the schedule of classes.