Change Enrollment Capacity


Enrollment Capacity is used to limit the number of students who can enroll in a class section. Once the enrollment capacity is reached, the class section automatically closes to enrollment. If no enrollment limit is desired, this number should be set to a realistic expectation of enrollment.

This guide will describe how to change the Enrollment Capacity for combined class sections and individual class sections.

Change Enrollment Capacity

  1. Login to SIS with your CWRU ID and associated passphrase.

  2. Are you changing the enrollment capacity for a combined section?

    • Yes - go to step 3.

    • No - go to step 10.

  3. From the Staff Home page, select the SOC WorkCenter tile, and then choose Combined Sections Table.

  4. Look up Academic Institution and select CASE1.

  5. Click Look up Term and select the appropriate term from the list.

  6. Choose the appropriate session from the Session dropdown list and click Search.

  7. Find the combined section you wish to update and click View Combined Sections.

  8. Change the value in the Enrollment Capacity field to the total number of students that can enroll in the combined class.

    If the Enrollment Capacities of all combined courses are the same, and all are equal to the Enrollment Capacity of the combined section, then any number of students can sign up for any section of the course until the combined section enrollment capacity is full.

  9. After the Enrollment Capacity is updated on the Combined Sections Table, it must also be updated on each section individually. Follow the remaining steps.

  10. From the Staff Home page, select the SOC WorkCenter tile, and then choose Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    Alternatively, use the menu and navigate to Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    The Maintain Schedule of Classes search screen appears.

  11. Look up Academic Institution and select CASE1.

  12. Click Look up Term and select the appropriate term from the list.

  13. Click Search.

    All courses owned by your department and scheduled during the chosen term appear in the search results. Select the appropriate class from the search results.

  14. The Basic Data tab appears. Click the Enrollment Control tab.

    Before making changes, please ensure you are viewing the correct class section by looking at the Class Section field.

    If necessary, use the arrow buttons in the Enrollment Control header to locate the correct section.

  15. Enter the desired number into the Enrollment Capacity field.

    If the Enrollment Capacity entered is greater than the number of seats in the room entered in the Facility ID field, you will receive a warning. This is not an error; however, you may want to change the requested room or the enrollment limit.

  16. Click the OK button.

  17. Click the Save button.

This completes the process of changing the Enrollment Capacity for a class section.

Refer to other guides to assist with additional edits to the schedule of classes.