Class Roster


If a class has enrollment, the Class Roster icon will appear to its left on the "My Teaching Schedule" table. When the icon is clicked, a roster of registered students appears. Added functionality of the Class Roster includes the ability to view student photos and e-mail students directly from the page.

Begin by logging into the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From Faculty Home, select My Schedule & Rosters.

  2. Your teaching schedule for the term is listed in the "My Teaching Schedule" table. To see a past or future term, click the Change Term button. For additional information on the teaching schedule, please see the document called Teaching Schedule.

  3. To see a roster of students in a class, click the Class Roster icon to the immediate left of the class.

  4. The top of the screen displays the name of the course, its course number and section number. Click on it to see a description of the course.

    To look at a different class, click the Change Class button to be returned to the My Schedule page and select another roster.

  5. The roster displays the capacity of the class in the Enrollment Capacity field, as well as the total number of enrolled students in the Enrolled field.

  6. There are three ways that a class roster can be viewed. The first is as a list, which is the default view. The second is with pictures of the students. Click the Include photos in list radio button to see the list with photos included. The third is the Class Photo Roster which displays all student photos in a grid format along with their name, student ID, personal pronouns and prefix.

  7. When the student photos appear, only one student can be seen on the screen. You can move through the student photos one at a time using the Backward and Forward arrows at the top of the display.

  8. To make all student photos appear on the screen at the same time, click the View All link.

    To find a single student on the roster, click the Find link and enter the students last or first name in the search box that appears.

  9. To return to the list view of the roster, click the Link to Photos radio button.

  10. Each class roster contains the following information on the students:

    • ID number - unique number that identifies the student.

    • CWRU Network ID - network ID assigned to each student.

    • Personal Pronouns - the preferred pronoun(s) a student has elected in SIS, which should be used when referring to the student in the third person.

    • Prefix - prefix or honorific which should be used when formally addressing the student.

    • Units - the number of credits for which the student is registered in the class.

    • Program and Plan - the academic program to which the student has been admitted and the student's scholarly pursuit. For undergraduates, a program is the school or college of the student’s major(s); the plan is the undergraduate's major. For graduate students, a program is the academic discipline and degree being pursued (i.e. Anthropology MA, Bioethics PhD, etc.); the plan is the method by which the student is achieving their degree (i.e. Plan A, Accelerated, etc.).

    • Level - For undergraduates, the student's progress towards a degree (i.e., first year, sophomore, etc.). For graduates, it is the degree being pursued (i.e., Masters, Juris Doctorate, etc.)

    • Admit Term - the term in which the student was admitted.

    • Expected Graduation Term - the term in which a student is expected to graduate based on the entry year.

  11. The Notify column contains a check box that is used to select students before sending an email through SIS.

    The Photo column contains an icon representing the student's picture. Click the icon to see a photo of the student.

  12. The Class Roster allows instructors to send email to students from within the SIS. To use this functionality, first decide if the email will go to all students or selected students.

    To send an email to all students, click the Notify All Students button. A new screen appears and the email addresses of all students in the class will be listed in the To: field.

    To send an email to selected students, select the students using the Notify check box, then click the Notify Selected Students button. Only the email addresses of selected students will appear in the To: field.

  13. The Send Notification screen is the screen used to type and send the email, and it functions much like other webmail sites. Email recipients can be added in the To, CC, or BCC fields. The subject can be changed as desired.

This completes the review of the Class Roster screen and functionality.