Course History

Begin by logging in to the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. The Faculty Home appears. Click the Advising tile.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Faculty & Advising > Advising.

  2. The Advisee Roster appears. Locate the student whose course history is to be viewed and click the student’s name.

  3. The advisee's Student Center appears. Click on the Other Academic... dropdown.

  4. Click the Course History list item.

  5. Click the Go button to proceed.

  6. The Advisee Course History screen appears. All courses that the student has taken, is currently taking, or has transferred are listed.

    Displayed are columns for Career, Course, Description, Term, Grade, Units, Status, and Repeat Code. The Status column uses the legend at the top of the page.

    The following legend appears on the Course History screen:

    • Taken: the student has completed this course and has been assigned a grade, or has withdrawn from the course (indicated by a grade of W or WD).

    • Transferred: the student transferred credit from another institution (indicated by a grade of TR), submitted Advanced Placement (indicated by a grade of AP), or took a Case Proficiency test (indicated by a grade of PR) and was given credit for completing this course.

    • In Progress: the student is currently enrolled in this course.

  7. By default, courses are listed alphabetically by subject area and catalog number in the Course column. Click the Sort results by dropdown to select a different sort order for the Course History.

  8. Select the appropriate sort order. For example, click the Term list item.

  9. Click the Sort button. The classes reorder by the selected sort order.

  10. Click the Then by list to select a secondary sort order.

  11. Select the appropriate secondary sort order. For example, click the Grade list item.

  12. Click the Sort button. The courses reorder again to match the primary sort criterion, followed by the secondary sort criterion.

  13. Click the Cancel button to return to the Student Center screen.

This completes the process of viewing the Course History page.