Change Classroom


This topic demonstrates how to change the classroom assigned to a class section. There are two fields in which classrooms can be requested: Facility ID, in which one of a department's reserved classrooms can be assigned; and Requested Room, in which one of the University Registrar's reserved rooms can be requested.

The University Registrar's office uses the data entered into the Facility ID and Req. Rm. fields to assign classrooms in the EMS scheduling program. Final classroom assignments are loaded from EMS into the SIS.

Please note: The SIS does not check for classroom scheduling conflicts. Departments should take care not to double book the classrooms for which they have responsibility. The Office of the University Registrar reviews the rooms requested in the Requested Room field and will resolve scheduling conflicts for rooms owned by the University Registrar's Office. Contact for assistance with classroom scheduling.

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Note: Begin by logging into the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From the NavBar, select Navigator > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    The Maintain Schedule of Classes search screen appears.

  2. Click Look up Academic Institution and select CASE1.

  3. Click Look up Term and select the appropriate term from the list. Click Search.

  4. All courses owned by your department and scheduled during the chosen term appear in the search results. Select the appropriate class from the search results.

  5. The Basic Data tab appears. Click the Meetings tab.

    Before making changes to the Meeting Pattern, please make sure that you are on the right class section by looking at the Class Section field. If necessary, use the arrow buttons at the top of the box to locate the correct section.

  6. First, decide what type classroom is to be used: a classroom assigned to your academic organization, or a classroom managed by the University Registrar?

  7. Decision: What type of classroom do you want to use?

    • Classroom assigned to my academic organization Go to step 9.
    • Classroom managed by the University Registrar Go to step 14.
  8. If any data exists in the Requested Room field, delete it out of the field.

  9. Click the Look up Facility ID icon.

  10. A list of all classrooms assigned to your academic organization or available for general assignment appears in the search results. Select the appropriate room.

    The following Facility IDs will be available in the Facility ID Look Up screen:

    • Classrooms reserved for the department
    • General Assignment rooms not scheduled by the University Registrar
    • TBA (to be determined)
    • TBS TBS (to be scheduled - use to signal that the Requested Room field is being used as well)
  11. The room's code appears in the Facility ID field. Its capacity appears into the Capacity field to the right.

  12. Click the Save button.

This completes the process of changing a classroom. The remaining steps apply to other paths.

  1. Begin by deleting the existing data in the Facility ID and Requested Room fields.

  2. Click the Look up Facility ID icon.

  3. Click the TBS TBS link.

  4. Click the Look up Requested Room icon.

    The Look Up Requested Room search window appears. All rooms managed by the University Registrar, and those for General Assignment, appear in the search results. To find a room within the search results, use the search fields at the top of the page.

    For example, search for a building by the first letter in its name.

  5. All rooms in buildings beginning with the letter appear in the search results. Select the appropriate room.

  6. Click the Save button.

This completes the process of changing a classroom.

Refer to the remaining job aids in this section to assist with additional edits to the schedule of classes.