Change or Add Instructor


In the SIS, the term "instructor" can apply to a faculty instructor, adjunct instructor, teaching assistant, or grading proxy. Individuals are set up as instructors on the Instructor/Advisor screen by the staff of the University Registrar, and assigned one of three roles:

  • Instructor - the "instructor of record" for the class; has Approve access to grades.
  • Teaching Assistant - a graduate student; has Grade access to grades.
  • Grading Proxy - a graduate student or department administrator or assistant; has Grade access to grades.

Each of these three roles has specific access to the grade roster, where mid-semester and final grades are submitted. When an instructor is chosen for a class section, the Instructor Role and Access fields automatically populate according to the settings on the Instructor/Advisor table. The Access field can contain one of the following:

  • Approve - the instructor can enter and submit grades.
  • Grade - the instructor can enter grades, but not submit them.

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Note: Begin by logging into the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From the NavBar, select Navigator > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    The Maintain Schedule of Classes search screen appears.

  2. Click Look up Academic Institution and select CASE1.

  3. Click Look up Term and select the appropriate term from the list.

  4. Click Search.

  5. All courses owned by your department and scheduled during the chosen term appear in the search results. Select the appropriate class.

  6. The Basic Data tab appears. Click the Meetings tab.

  7. Before making changes to the Instructors for Meeting Pattern box, confirm that you are viewing the correct class section by looking at the Class Section field. If necessary, use the arrow buttons at the top of the box to locate the correct section.

  8. To change or remove an instructor, click the Delete row button in the Instructors for Meeting Pattern box.

    Important: Do not delete the contents of the ID field and overwrite the existing EmplID.

  9. A confirmation message appears. Click the OK button to continue deleting the row, or click Cancel to cancel the deletion of the row.

  10. Enter the instructor's EmplID into the ID field, or click the Look Up ID icon.

  11. The Look Up ID window appears. Search for the instructor by utilizing the search fields at the top of the page. For example, enter the instructor's last name into the Last Name field. Enter the instructor's first name into the First Name field.

  12. Click the Look Up button.

  13. The instructor should appear in the search results. Click on his/her name.

    If the name does not appear, check the spelling used in the search fields. Other search fields that can be used are Campus ID (CWRU Network ID), and National ID (SSN).

    If an instructor does not appear after repeated attempts to search for him or her, it most likely means that the individual is not entered into the SIS as an "instructor" yet. Fill out and submit an Add/Update/Delete Instructor/Advisor/TA/Grading Proxy Form for that individual and return it to the Office of the University Registrar.

    The form can be obtained at

  14. The instructor's EmplID and name appear. The Instructor Role, Print and Access fields default per the individual's setting on the Instructor/Advisor Table.

    Instructor Role: The primary role assigned to this individual. Determines the defaults of the Print and Access fields.

    • Primary Instructor
    • Secondary Instructor
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Grading Proxy

    Print: If the instructor should appear in the searchable schedule of classes, then this checkbox should be checked. Only Primary and Secondary Instructor roles have the Print checkbox checked by default.

    Access: Determines the access that the individual has to the online Grade Roster in the SIS.

    • Approve: The instructor can both enter and approve (submit) grades in the Grade Roster. Default for Primary and Secondary instructors roles.
    • Grade: Instructor can enter and save grades but not approve (submit) them. Default for TA and Grading Proxy roles.
  15. To add another instructor (or Grading Proxy or TA), click the Add a new row button in the Instructor for Meeting Pattern box.

  16. A new Instructor row appears. Repeat the steps to enter the instructor's EmplID into the ID field.

  17. Click Save.

This completes the process of changing or adding an instructor.

Refer to the remaining job aids in this section to assist with additional edits to the schedule of classes.