Departmental Admin Center

The Departmental Admin Center is a screen in SIS where departmental faculty and staff can view a roster of students who have declared academic plans within their department. From the roster, users can access the academic, financial and personal data of individual students for the purpose of serving and advising students.

Begin by logging in to the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From the NavBar, select Navigator > Campus Community > Departmental Admin Center.

    You will see a list of all plans to which you have security access. If you are missing Plans to which you should have access, or if you are seeing Plans to which you should not have access, please send an email to for assistance. You may wish to use the fields at the top of the list to narrow the list of plans displayed.

  2. If you know the beginning of the plan code you wish to see, e.g., ANT, enter it in the first box and click Search.

  3. If you want to see only students in a particular plan type, choose the drop down menu next to Plan Type Filter, select the plan type, then click Apply Filter.

  4. After applying any search filters, check the checkbox next to the plan or plans whose students you wish to view and click View Students.

  5. A roster of students who are either active in or on leave from the selected plan(s) is displayed. The roster contains personal and academic information such as name, pronouns, prefix, declared plans, student level (class), expected graduation date, and any milestones. From this roster, you can email students, release advising holds, or view students’ Student Center.

    Due to the sensitive content accessible through the student list, a link to the University's FERPA policy appears in the upper right on the screen. Click the View FERPA Statement link to see the definition of FERPA and access the University's Interpretation of FERPA.

  6. The roster can be filtered by student Level (Senior, Junior, Masters, etc). Click the Level Filter dropdown list at the top of the page, select the appropriate level, then click Apply Filter.

  7. The Release Advising Hold column appears when at least one student on the roster has an advising hold. If the column does not appear, then all students have had their Advising Holds removed. To release the hold, click Release. The hold will immediately be released.

  8. You can send email to students using either of two methods: click on the student's email address to compose an email to them in your default email client; or check the box in the Notify column and click the Notify Selected Students link at the bottom of the page to compose and send an email in SIS. Alternately, to send an email to all students in the list, click the Notify All Students link at the bottom of the page.

  9. To see additional academic information such as the cumulative GPA and the last term registered, click the Additional Info tab.

  10. To see a student’s Student Center, click on the student’s name.

    If the FERPA icon appears at the top of the Student Center, the student has restricted the release of their information. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the University is not allowed to release most student data without prior written consent from the student. If you see the FERPA icon, you cannot release ANY student data without written consent. Please see for more information.

  11. The Student Center appears. Included on this page are the student's weekly schedule, enrollment dates, holds on the student's record, advisor(s), and address and other contact information. You may also be able to see the student's financial balance depending on your level of access to student records. If you have questions about your access, please email the University’s Registrar’s Office at

  12. Access to additional screens can be found in the other academic dropdown list, including Academic Requirements and What-If Reports (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Weatherhead students only), Course History, Exam Schedule, Grades, Unofficial Transcript.

  13. Click the Academics tab to obtain additional academic information about the student. This page includes programs, plans and subplans, student status (active, withdrawn, etc.), admit term, expected graduation term, and classes in which the student is enrolled. This page also show the number of hours in which the student is currently enrolled and has taken in the past, number of units transferred, and cumulative GPA.

  14. Click the General Info tab to view personal information such as full name, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, pronouns, gender identity, birthdate, and network ID. You can also view holds on this page.

  15. Click the Transfer Credit tab to view any test or transfer credit that has been awarded to the student.

This completes the overview of the Departmental Admin Center.