Faculty - Planned Program of Study

Begin by logging into SIS at case.edu/sis with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From Faculty Home, click the Advising tile.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Faculty & Advising > Advising.

  2. The Advisor Center will appear with an advisee roster.

  3. Click on the Additional Info tab on the advisee roster to see the Program of Study Status column with the status of request displayed as a link.

  4. Click on any status (Submitted, Approved, Pending) to approve/deny the request.

  5. The student’s PPOS will display on this page.

    Note: if approving a doctoral student’s PPOS, selecting whether or not the student is eligible for Advanced Standing is required from the radio button provided.

    To approve the PPOS, click the Approve button. An email will be sent to the School of Graduate Studies for final review.

    To deny the PPOS, click the Deny button. The student will be notified that the PPOS has been denied and will be able to make edits.

Note: Students enrolled in select programs through the School of Graduate Studies will need to create and manage a PPOS. Not all graduate students require a PPOS. When an advisee submits a PPOS, you will receive an email notification that a PPOS is pending your review.

This completes the process of approving/denying a Planned Program of Study.