Online Grade Change

Begin by logging in to with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From Faculty Home, click the My Schedule & Rosters tile. This will present the My Schedule page.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Faculty & Advising > My Schedule & Rosters.

    Note: To see a past or future term, click the Change Term button. See Teaching Schedule on the SIS Resources page for more information.

    Locate the class containing the grade that needs to be change.

  2. Click the Grade Roster icon that is immediately to the left of the class.

  3. The Grade Roster screen appears.

  4. Click the Request Grade Change button.

  5. Click the Request Grade Change link to the immediate right of the grade needing to be changed.

  6. Select the appropriate new grade from the Change Grade dropdown.

  7. Select the appropriate Reason from the dropdown.

  8. Enter a Justification for the change.

  9. To return later and submit the request for approval or to make additional changes, click Save as Draft.

  10. Once selecting Save as Draft, information will appear identifying who made the change, as well as the date and time stamp.

  11. Click the Return button to return to the Grade Roster.

  12. To submit the request for approval, click the Save & Submit for Approval button. This will start the approval process.

  13. Click the Return button to return to the Grade Roster.

This completes the process of changing a grade.