Undergraduate Pass/No Pass


This topic will explain how to submit a request for Undergraduate Pass/No Pass grading in SIS. This option applies to undergraduate students only.

Note: Begin by logging into SIS at case.edu/sis with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. Student Home appears. Click the Classes & Enrollment tile.

  2. Select Modify Classes from the left side navigation pane.

  3. Select Pass/No Pass Request.

    If you have never submitted a pass/no pass request, you will see a list of classes that are eligible for pass/no pass grading.

    If you have submitted a pass/no pass request in the current or in a prior term, you will see the requests you have submitted, including any that have been cancelled. Click “Create Pass/No Pass Request” to submit a request for the current term.

    Note: Pass/No Pass is only available to first year students after the Friday of the 11th week of classes in the Fall or Spring term. Pass/No Pass is not available during the Summer term.

  4. Click the checkbox next to the class for which you wish to request pass/no pass grading. The checkboxes for the other classes will become unavailable as you may only elect to take one class pass/no pass each term (Fall and Spring).
  5. Enter the reason you are submitting the request for pass/no pass grading for this class, then click the Submit for Approval button.

  6. A box will appear asking you to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Pass/No Pass regulations. Click OK to acknowledge and submit.

  7. To review the class information or the reason for the request you submitted, click Detail.
  8. To cancel a request that has been submitted but which has not yet been approved, click the Cancel Request button for the class.

  9. To view the status of a request, such as if it is approved or denied, see the Current Status column.