Planned Program of Study (PPOS)

Begin by logging into SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From Student Home, click the Academics tile, then click the Academic Progress tile.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Academics > Academic Progress.

  2. The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) will appear. Near the top of the report, below your program/plan table, you will see the following instructions:

    If you've been instructed to create a PPOS, click here.

    Click on the hyperlink in the instructions.

    Note: if these instructions do not appear on the AAR, do not create a PPOS. If it does not appear but should, please contact the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

  3. The Planned Program of Study (PPOS) will appear.

    Note: there is no save button on the PPOS; the PPOS saves any changes made automatically.

  4. If enrolled in multiple programs at the Graduate level, all of them will be listed in the Program dropdown located in the upper-left area of the PPOS. A separate PPOS is needed for each program.

  5. Click Request Changes to My Program to begin creating the PPOS.

  6. Click the Browse Course Catalog button.

  7. Enter the desired course subject code into the Course Subject field.

  8. Click the Search button.

  9. All courses in the subject area appear in numerical order.

  10. Click on a course title to see its description.

  11. The Course Detail screen appears including the class description and grading scale as indicated in the course catalog. If the class has been scheduled in a current or upcoming semester, click the View Class Sections button to see when it is scheduled.

    Click the Return to Browse Course Catalog link to return.

  12. On the Browse Course Catalog screen, select the courses for the PPOS by clicking the corresponding checkboxes in the Select column.

  13. Select as many courses as necessary. Click the Add to Program button.

  14. A confirmation appears displaying the classes that were added to the program.

  15. Click Return to PPOS.

  16. The My Program of Study screen reappears. This time, it is populated with the courses selected from the course catalog. They will appear under the Unassigned Courses section until they are placed into terms.

  17. To move the courses into terms, select a course by clicking its checkbox in the Select column. Select all the courses to group together for a given term.

  18. Click on the Move Selected Courses to Term dropdown list and select the term to which they belong. Click the Move button.

    A confirmation message appears. It lists the courses and the term to which they were moved.

    Note: Review the units associated with each course. Variable unit courses (for example: a thesis course) will default to the minimum available units. Enter the anticipated number of credit hours in the Units field.

  19. To delete a single course from the list, click on the Delete button (garbage can icon) that appears to its right in the Delete column.

  20. To remove all courses from the PPOS and start over, click the Delete All button.

  21. To submit the PPOS to your advisor, click the Submit for Approval button.

  22. A confirmation screen appears.

    Click Cancel to go back to your PPOS and make updates.

    Click the OK button to submit your PPOS.

  23. Once submitted, the Approval History table shows that the PPOS was Submitted for Approval. No additional changes to this version of the PPOS can be made at this time.

  24. To make changes to your PPOS, select Withdraw This PPOS.

    Once the PPOS is submitted, your program advisor is notified to review it.

    • f the PPOS is denied by your advisor, you will be notified via email to make changes in the SIS.

    • If your advisor approves the PPOS, it will proceed to SGS for final approval.

    • Once SGS has made a decision regarding the PPOS, it will be reflected in the Approval History table. You will also receive an automated email informing you of the decision.

Note: Students enrolled in select programs through the School of Graduate Studies will need to create and manage a PPOS. Not all graduate students require a PPOS; please check with your department to see if it is required.

This completes the process of creating a Planned Program of Study.