Post Doc Entry

Begin by logging in the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From the NavBar, select Navigator > Campus Community > Post Doc Search Match.

  2. Enter the CWRU Network ID, EmplID or a Postdoc ID information in the Campus ID (Network ID), Empl ID or Postdoc ID fields to locate the record in the SIS.

    Note: If you do not have any of these IDs, contact

  3. Click the Search button.

  4. Locate the correct individual in the search results.

    Note: If there are no search results, log out of SIS and contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at

  5. To create a new Post Doctoral application, click the New button.

    Note: Some individuals may have Post Doc records appear in the Post Doc list box. Clicking the Renewal or Edit buttons will create a new Post Doc record.

    If you previously saved a draft record, click the View button to update it.

    Click the Delete button to delete the record.

    Click the OK button after clicking Renewal, Edit, or Delete.

  6. A box will appear stating the following:

    You are about to create a new PostDoc ID, click OK to continue.

    Click the OK button.

  7. The Personal Information tab appears. Enter the date that the appointment starts in the Start Date field.

  8. Enter the date that the appointment ends in the End Date field.

  9. Click the Appointment Classification dropdown list and select either Postdoc Fellow or Postdoc Scholar.

  10. Click the Appointment Type dropdown list and select the appropriate appointment type.

  11. The EmplID will populate based on the name selected on the Search/Match screen.

  12. The BioDemo Data will populate based on information entered by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. If you have any questions, please email

  13. The Department Contact Information section is to enter information on the individual the approvers should contact with any questions.

  14. Click the Appointment tab.

  15. Click the Look up Approving Department button.

  16. Select the appropriate department from the search results. Optionally, enter the name of the department in the Description search field at the top of the window to locate the department's code in the search results.

  17. Enter the Employee ID of the person that will be supervising the Post Doc in the Mentor Emplid field.

    Note: If the individual will also be working with another department, enter the departmental code in the Secondary Department field and enter the individual's mentor in this department in the Secondary Mentor Emplid field.

  18. Click the Full/Part Time dropdown list and select either Full Time or Part Time.

    Note: If Part Time is selected, a field will appear to enter the number of hours per week the individual will be working.

  19. Enter a brief description of what the individual will be doing as a Post Doc in the Professional Activity field.

  20. In the Benefits box, click the Plan Type dropdown list and select Single, Dependent or Family.

  21. Enter the speedtype that will pay for the individual's benefits or click the Look up Speedtype button to locate the speedtype in the search window.

  22. If more than one speedtype will be paying for the individual's benefits, enter the additional speedtype in the Additional Speedtype field.

    Note: Use the Comments field if further information regarding the benefits is needed.

  23. In the Funding Sources box, click the Funding Source dropdown list and select the appropriate funding source.

  24. Enter the appropriate information in the Agency/Institution Name field. Use the Description field to add more information if needed.

  25. Enter the appropriate dollar amount in the Dollar Amount field.

  26. Enter the appropriate speedtype in the Speedtype field or click the Look up Speedtype button to locate the speedtype in the search window.

  27. Enter the Employee ID of the Principle Investigator in the Funding PI Emplid field or click the PostDoc is Principal Investigator option.

  28. The Case Paycheck field is used to indicate if the individual will be receiving a paycheck from CWRU using this source as funding. Click the Case Paycheck dropdown list and select either Case Paycheck or No Case Paycheck.

  29. To indicate an additional source of funding for the Post Doc, click the Add a new row button and fill in the fields to describe the additional funding source. Add as many rows as necessary to indicate all funding sources.

  30. Click the Academic tab.

  31. The Academic tab is used to enter information about the individual's highest degree and previous post doctoral experience.

    Note: If the appointment record is a continuation of a previous appointment, the tab will already be populated with information.

  32. Enter information in the following fields:

    • Prior Degree Date
    • Prior Degree Prior Degree Institution
    • Prior Phd/Doc Advisor (name)
    • Prior Research Title (title of document)
  33. The Prior NIH Support field is used to determine if the individual received support from the NIH for previous research. Click the Prior NIH Support dropdown list and select No prior NIH support if support was not received. If support was received, select either the Research Grant or Training Grant.

  34. If the individual had a Postdoctoral appointment at another institution, fill out the following fields:

    • Prior Postdoc Institution
    • Prior Postdoc Research Title (title of document)
    • Prior Postdoc Department
    • Prior Postdoc Advisor (name)
  35. If the individual is an MD, enter the following fields:

    • Residency Institution
    • Residency Dept
    • Residency Post Grad Year
  36. Click the Visa tab.

  37. Click the U.S. Citizenship dropdown list and select either Yes or No.

  38. Click the Applying for Visa dropdown list and select either Yes or No.

  39. If the individual is not a US Citizen and is applying for a Visa, complete the remaining fields:

    • Visa Type
    • Visa Start Date
    • Visa End Date
    • Foreign Medical Graduate (yes/no)
    • Teaching Percent
    • Research Percent
    • Patient Care Percent
    • Other Percent
    • Minimum Degree Requirements (required for Visa type)
    • Field of Education
    • Minimum Years of Experience
    • Short Appointment (yes/no)
    • Accompanying Dependents (yes/no)
    • Appointment Activity Sites (where duties will be performed)
  40. Click the Attachments tab.

  41. If the individual is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, click the Case Graduate option.

  42. Click the Look up Attachment Type button.

  43. Select the appropriate document type from the search window.

  44. Click the Add button.

  45. The File Attachment window appears. Click the Browse button.

  46. Locate the file and click the Open button.

  47. Once attached, the file name will display in the Attached File field.

    Enter comments about the file in the Comments Text field if needed.

  48. Click the Add a new row button to add additional files to the Attachments tab. Add as many rows as necessary to accommodate all required documents.

  49. Click the Save as Draft button.

  50. Click the Save & Submit button to submit for approval.

  51. Click the Approval tab.

  52. The Approval tab will display the status of the Post Doc application status in the workflow.

This completes the process of entering a Post Doc record in the SIS.